03/06 :  NERO LARP Office Announces a Goblin Point Policy Update


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June 03, 2013

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Re: Goblin Point Policy Update on June 03, 2013.


We have seen a few changes over the last few months, all of which are meant to support the progress of; 1) NERO as an organization; 2) Characters in the game; and 3) marketing efforts.

We’ve had many successes in the last 6 months. We’re thankful to all of our members for showing their support towards improving the game and the organization as a whole, and we are embracing the suggestions made.

Truly, since the publication of our conceptual document to the http://nerolarp.com forums late in 2012, we’ve received a lot of advice, opinions and preferences from everyone, and we’ve been going through the topics and points with a focus on improvement.

One topic was to ‘link’ goblin point blanket maximums to event attendance:

We previously reduced the number of goblin blankets to 2 per month with the intention of lowering the character progression rate of individuals who attend few or no NERO events, so that the members who attend more events produced by NERO Chapters would earn more Experience for their character than those who attend fewer events.

Those who only attended a few events would get a good amount of goblin blankets too (i.e. base 24), but not as many as the people who go to events would be eligible for.


The Goblin Point Policy will change back to 1 goblin blanket per week for a maximum of 52 goblin blankets per year, from the current maximum of 24 blankets.

We’ll be making an update that will allow the characters to buy the goblin blankets for the months since it became 2 per month on October 01, 2012. The cost will still be 50 goblin points per goblin blanket.

The entirety of the current goblin point policy is still in effect, and we’ll be making edits to the policy document to reflect the 52 week changes as soon as possible.

Please accept my apologies for not changing this back sooner; I’ve been busy working on many things that will better NERO overall, much of which is based on the ideas, opinions and preferences of NERO Members.


Joseph Valenti
d/b/a NERO™ Live Adventure Games, LLC

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