07/12 :  The NERO LARP office announces the NERO Texas LARP Chapter.

Joseph Valenti d/b/a NERO Live Adventure Games LLC
Concord, North Carolina

Monday December 8, 2014

Contact: Joseph Valenti
(914) 309 – 7718

The NERO LARP office is proud to announce the opening of its NERO Texas LARP Chapter.
NERO Texas LARP is owned by Harlen & Crystal Thomason. Harlen has been involved in NERO and LARPing since 1993, has been a past NERO Chapter owner until he took short break due to life obligations. Harlen & Crystal, who also has considerable tenure with NERO, will be running the NERO Texas Chapter together, sharing staff management and business responsibilities.
Harlen & Crystal want to breathe life back into NERO in Texas. NERO LARP was a large part of Harlen’s life when he was growing up and he has many fond memories of the games he enjoyed in the Dallas / Forth Worth area. They want the chapter to grow and be reminiscent of the way NERO in Texas was in the 1990’s, with a focus on providing opportunities to have similar enjoyable experiences like Harlen remembers.
Harlen & Crystal are proud to announce Ashley Allen.as the website developer, and will be adding a dozen or more Staff to the chapter, who are highly motivated and experienced LARP producers that share the same goals of making NERO in Texas big and successful once again.
NERO Texas will be producing fighter practices, 1 and 2 day Adventure Days, and Weekend long Events, at least once per month throughout the year, with fighter practices to start in January and its season opener event in March or April of 2015.
NERO Texas LARP is utilizing the NERO™ Rule Book© 9th edition, available free on the NeroLarpOnline.com site.
NERO Texas LARP plans to use Social Media to advertise along with producing adventure modules at local game conventions. Flyers will be sent to colleges and gaming stores.
Visit http://Nerotexas.com for more information, to sign up for its forums and register for an event.
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NERO Live Adventures Games LLC is the largest Live Action Role Play (LARP) organization in the world, with more than thirty NERO LARP Chapters across the U.S., Canada and South Africa.
Joseph Valenti has been a Nero Member since 1990, the owner of the NERO since August 1998 and currently operates d/b/a NERO Live Adventure Games LLC.
Visit the NERO LARP Main Website to open a NERO LARP Chapter or find Company contact information.