29/07 :  NERO Mass Ravenholt Transferred to New Owners

   From the Desk of Joseph Valenti

d/b/a NERO Live Adventure Games LLC
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Mount Gilead, NC 27306


Date: July 29, 2016
Dear NERO LARP Membership
Today, we announce that the license for the NERO Ravenholt campaign has been transferred to a new ownership group consisting of Alphonse Wright, Douglas Fitzgerald, Mike DeOssie, and Justin Cram.
These four represent decades of NERO experience and are all players in the local Northeast games.
We are excited to bring them on board and look forward to seeing them grow the NERO Mass Chapter, preserve its rich Ravenholt history and continue its Legacy for the next generation of LARPers to come.
NERO Mass has always been our flagship chapter, operated in the past by Ford and Maureen Ivey, Rachel Morris and Annie Tyler, and its continued operation is important for our success, not just in the Northeast, but all over the world.
Thanks to our own Annemarie Tyler, who operated NERO Mass for 8 years. Thanks to her, the NERO Ravenholt campaign continues to be the longest running continuous story line in the North America LARP community… possibly globally.
Please join us in thanking Annie Tyler for her 8 years of service, and please join us in welcoming the new Ravenholt Chapter Owners – Alphonse, Justin, Douglas and Michael - and wishing them great success for years to come!!!
Thank You
Joseph Valenti
Owner: NERO Live Adventure Games LLC