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Updating the Gypsy Race Packet
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Sun Apr 14 2013, 06:21AM
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Attackgypsy wrote ...

gooses wrote ...

Did we ever get an updated gypsy race packet? The only race packet I've seen in kinda sparse.

I know there is one in progress.

I am working on a new one, and am waiting to hear more form the National Plot person assigned to the project.

I will post updates once I have more news.


Javier de Souza
Former Bandoleer,
Current Abamamo
Clan de Souza

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Sun Apr 14 2013, 05:29PM
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I can see if i can get put on the project.
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Thu Jun 20 2013, 06:05AM
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Is this still in the works? I just re-read the gypsy race packet and remembered how badly we needed an updated one.
~Kristin Sherwen

Kyra Arimonte
Bandoleer, Clan Arimonte
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Mon Nov 11 2013, 06:57PM
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I'm just returning from a hiatus and playing in Arizona. My main PC was involved in the Oraban plot line as well as some regional plot lines that had to do with gypsy populations. I used to admin a IP gypsy forum and may be able to access some information from that. I'd love to help out on the project to re-write the gypsy handbook if it is still ongoing. I've co-written a culture packet for a clan that might be a good side piece to include.

Tamara Taylor
General Manager, Nero Phoenix

~Katrina Ryan Arimote D'Rasa
Gypsy Healer
Retired Gypsy Queen, Private in the Armies of the Dreadmarch, Tavern Keeper, Bandoleer (Arimonte, D'Rasa)
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