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2011 Chapter 03 : Teaser 01
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Fri Sep 02 2011, 03:10AM
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A letter to His Majesty, High King Bulzaric, from Angelique d’Artan, Ambassador of the Barrowheart.

Your Majesty,

It is with great sadness that I bring many facts to light here within this missive, and yet there is some happiness to be had also within these words.

Firstly, in regards to the Dwarven matters, we of the Barrowheart can not discover any true facts on what is actually going on within their borders. What we have discovered, however, is disturbing. The Steel Clan of the Kulta Kerros Dwarves, seem to be actively working for some reason to destroy the fragile peace between our peoples, while the Gold Clan of the Eltor Szakal seem to be attempting to aide in the peace talks and stabilization of Kaurath through continuing peace. However their struggle plays out, it is not good for any of us, living and unliving alike, and leaves the Dwarves of the Ahkera trapped, as ever, between them. I personally cannot understand how some would prefer to wage war instead of peace, but that seems to have been my problem for the past 400 or so years.

I plan on sending a missive to the Eltor Szakel Dwarves to obtain their aid in this matter, as they may have more information they would be willing to share now that the Kulta Kerros Dwarves have been “outed”.

Secondly, since Droch finally fell, there have been some unsettling whispers throughout the Barrowheart. It seems that, although he and his people fell, there are still those who would support a return to war here within our borders, in addition to those who would become isolationists. Those two factions are utilizing, for their own benefits, arguments such as those proposed by some of your own people, that if we of the Barrowheart truly wanted peace we would just destroy ourselves. We are trying to unravel the various factions, root out the traitors, and handle our own “housecleaning” in this matter, but felt you should be made aware of the facts.

As with any people, there are those who were forced to this unlife, while there have also always been those that willingly sought it as a path to power. Determining which is which, at this late date, is difficult, if not impossible. Those, however, are the types we need to root out and investigate as possible traitors to both the Barrowheart and to Kaurath as a whole. Of course, fools that those types are, they never take into consideration the layers of curses placed upon the lands and peoples of the Barrowheart. However, as a word of warning, this goes both ways. Those who propose we simply lay down our unlives for the sake of peace do not understand what both life and unlife in the Barrowheart is truly like.

Lastly, there have been some unusual disturbances in the lesser undead and other such things spawned within our borders. I am personally investigating this matter and hope to have more information to you as soon as possible on this matter as it seems similar to what has been noticed around other areas of “font activity”. I am trying to pinpoint “ground zero” of the phenomena and will have more information for you as it becomes available.

I will keep you informed on these matters as more information becomes available. Until then, Your Majesty, I am at your disposal as needed.

Your Humble Servant,

Angelique d’Artan
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