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A Few Questions from an Newbie
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Sun Sep 04 2011, 07:41PM
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Hey everyone!

I've been having this horrible roleplay itch that I've been wanting to scratch, but most of my avenues and attempts haven't worked out so well lately, so I've decided to give NERO a try. I attempted to join in a weekend-long event two or so years ago, but I couldn't stay the whole time because of a friend's injury, so I didn't really have a chance to get used to it or see what it was about.

Now that most of those issues have been put to bed and transportation is a lot easier, I've been thinking about giving it another shot. I have a few questions that I'd like to ask before considering my character and such.

1. Character Concept: In my spare time I enjoy writing and performing vocal music, and I've gotten a decent amount of acclaim for it in my area. Since I hear that it's somewhat recommended to play to your strengths in live-action roleplaying (since it's difficult to pull off a tailor-character if you don't actually know how to sew, and so on), I was wondering if a bard-type character was actually viable - someone who would sing for 'money' in taverns and get that kind of activity started. I have no intention spellcasting or anything like that, which is the bard-equivalent in DnD - since it's far too complicated for my tiny brain; rather, I'd just use it as a roleplaying point and a "skill" of some sort. Is that idea viable?

2. Costume: I have a decent amount of disposable income, but I'm wondering if, since I'd be starting at level 1, it would make sense to buy my ideal weapon and costume from the get-go, and just represent them in game as items of lesser quality. Does that make sense? Or should I just spring for lower quality items that better match my starting position (a rather poor, wandering musician)?

3. Passivity: I'm well aware that combat is an integral part of the NERO experience, at least from what I saw the last time I played. But the character concept I have in my head is far more of a lover than a fighter, so would I be able to avoid major conflicts if I play it smart? Or is there no way to get away from the combat aspect of the games? I obviously intend for my character to defend himself if necessary.

Thank you for your time!
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Sun Sep 04 2011, 10:25PM
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1. Music is great at events. I have seen singers, musicians and dancers. Usually I play a bit of a stick in the mud so I pretend not to enjoy it. But it adds a lot to the game atmosphere. I won't guarantee that you will be able to make gold doing this, but if you put out a hat or something you might. There is a bit of bard-like magic in NERO now. Singing, instruments and poetry can increase the power of some spells if you have certain skills. That being said, you don't have to be a caster if you choose not to. You could purchase some Craftsmen other skills(a non combat skill that gives you money at check in, and occasionally plot input). Though, you don't even have to do that if you don't want. Your character concept is your own. You could be a traveling singer, who keeps a sword around for when things get rough. Just about any class or race would work for this, depending upon your style of singing. I would probably suggest against one of the less intelligent races or the very serious ones.

2. Buy what you want. If you want to go all out and get great costuming and weaponry, nobody will look down on you. In fact it will probably help get you involved with things and will definitely enhance the IG environment. Generally newer players have poorer quality equipment. But that is usually due to their out of game situations (no money, no experience with making things etc). I have seen very nice costuming and weaponry used by a players on their first events.

3. I can pretty much guarantee combat will find you if you don't look for it. You can still play a pacifist, but good luck telling that to a charging minotaur. You could try playing a support type character. A healer perhaps, if you don't mind learning some easy earth spells.

From what it sounds like, I think this could make for a great human or gypsy(if you can stand the accent) earth scholar. Maybe an earth templar, so it is easier for you to use a weapon as well. Warning though, it takes a while for a templar to be effective.
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Mon Sep 05 2011, 01:45AM
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NERO Dreadmark (tenn) have two pacifist Characters and they have a great time.
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Wed Sep 07 2011, 02:55AM
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Thank you both for your input on this. I think that I'm going to try to stick to a mostly pacifistic theme for the character, but he won't be under a vow of peace or anything like that. Combat will be an option -- the last one -- and when he enters it he won't hold back.
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Fri Sep 09 2011, 12:19AM
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Sounds like you have a great character concept. Nero always benefits from good music and performances. I would caution you to avoid bringing expensive instruments with you to a game, because as much as staff will try to avoid it/you to avoid damages, sh!t happens and Nero is a very physical game.

I've seen 2-3 pacifist characters, and one character that would faint whenever combat happened, and wake up thinking he had defeated all the enemies and blacked it out of his memory. They all have a great time roleplaying, and usually set up an IG hang-out place to encourage other players to peacefully relax with them.

Good luck!
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Fri Sep 09 2011, 08:18PM
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Not only do characters not have to be gung-ho combat adventuring types, it's often fun NOT being that way.

After all, someone's got to be there to make the songs about those crazy insane adventurers (and get tips when said crazy people hear them and are tickled about their newfound fame). So go prepared to listen and tell a few stories. It does good things for a game. Having a basic weapon skill or two is nice for self-defense, obviously.

Aside from the suggested human or gypsy, I'd also suggest Mystic Wood Elf as a possible racial choice. They naturally end up with alot of build spent on "craftsman" type skills, which a bard might find perfect (and hey, bard IS a craftsman skill, and those are free in-game income on top of whatever you make at events!).
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