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Sarr/Myrr Race Marshall
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Fri Mar 30 2012, 03:39PM
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So, we meet again, perennial matriarchy/patriarchy argument.

I actually don't think your points of view are particularly incompatible. Let me lay out some sweet reasonings upon you:

Formal, institutional patriarchy has dominated throughout most of our history, right? But now, our laws are egalitarian, and everyone is treated equally, yah? Individual women are free to choose whatever they want to do, and if you try to tell them they can't cause they're girls, you're liable to get a fat lip.

Buuuut. Most of the wealth is held by men. All of our presidents have been men. All of our vice presidents have been men. All but one of our speakers of the house have been men. 3 out of 9 supreme court justices are women, and this is like crazy unprecedented! There are still families and individuals who choose to live by traditional gender norms. Though some more modern-minded people might look at them askance, no one is going to tell them they can't live the way they choose.

We can carry this analysis over to game world stuff too, though I think it's already been covered. No one tells female characters that they can't become barons, knights, what have you in most of the IG kingdoms, but the fact remains that the majority of the political power has rested in the hands of male characters (for a variety of IG and OOG reasons). There are stereotypes, and assumptions of where authority lies. But they are subtle, mostly unintentional, and they definitely aren't enforced as absolute truth.

So, I agree with silway, that having overt matriarchies in the game undermines NERO's policies of non-discrimination. Personally, I don't want no sexism in my game-- I find it exhausting.

But just because the IG politics in Myrr are changing so that egalitarianism is more of an accepted viewpoint doesn't erase the fact that most of the social and political power is currently concentrated in the hands of female characters. It doesn't mean that deferring to females won't still feel "natural" to many male Sarr. It doesn't mean you can't play in a team where all the leadership is female. It just means the game no longer dictates that as only "correct" way to play Myrran Sarr.

Edit: It also gives NPCs plenty of room to give both male and female characters an equal shot at whatever plot involvement they want, which is swank.

[ Edited Fri Mar 30 2012, 03:41PM ]
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Fri Mar 30 2012, 04:05PM
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btw, did anyone post this link during this thread?
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Tue Apr 03 2012, 03:54AM
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Feh? I've met plenty of Myrran Sarr in my years playing a non-Myrran Sarr. Even some of the high-ranking and powerful ones. Not a one looked down on me because I was male. In fact, I daresay the Myrrans I met were overly courteous to me despite the fact I wasn't Myrran myself. I guess I just don't see it as an issue.
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Fri Apr 06 2012, 01:31PM
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Stripes wrote ...

Males are now able to attain title? That's a very drastic change. Is there any way to intergrate that into the existing packet and the reason Myrr changed the law?

It should have been added to the packet, but apparently hasn't gotton on there. The reason is primarily a cultural "experiment" to see if it's possible.

When my PC was squired and later knighted, he had to continually prove himself. Over the years he's started to become accepted by most, but it was rough at the begining.

What chapter are you from, Stripes?
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Fri Apr 06 2012, 02:02PM
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I would really like to read the reasoning behind Myrr for performing this experiment. It would be very disappointing for me if it were simply National caving into the politically correct crowd, but if there’s a solid IG reason behind it I wouldn’t have an issue with it.

I think I've mentioned it earlier, but my Sarr is also squired to an Order. While my character wouldn't accept a Knighthood out of tradition he considers being a squire more like an apprenticeship.

I'm currently a part of the NERO Atlanta chapter.
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Fri Apr 06 2012, 04:20PM
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For the most part, game races and their cultures evolve through the playerbase and the actions/ decisions made by those players. While it is the role of the race marshal to make sure the basic tenets of the race are adhered to, that is the limit of their boundaries. From what I have seen, player actions and reactions to how a character is playing their race is the biggest check-and-balance system we have. Since there are usually not many Sarr in a game (at least in our region), that PC check-and-balance system is absent.

The "Race packets" on the national site are culture packets- extra added information to assist in character creation and development. Nationally the only guidelines for each race that must be upheld are the ones contained within the rulebook description. While National can mandate things for specific NPC territories, it would not apply to all PC Sarr it would only apply to the PC Sarr from that territory.

All that aside, there is currently a team of staff working on updating and reviving the National race packets. I think with the exception of Dark Elves, all the race packets are at least 10 yrs old. So it's a massive undertaking of gathering information, sorting information, and making sure that information is current. It will take a while. I encourage anybody who wants to assist and contribute to say so.
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Fri Apr 06 2012, 06:30PM
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I've sent an e-mail to Beren Olean at his request as I'm certainly interested in helping update and expand the current Sarr race packet. I find Sarr to be very enjoyable and entertaining to play and would love to see more people play them. If I could get Myrr to have a bigger presence in National events that would just be icing on the cake.
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Mon Apr 30 2012, 01:02AM
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is there anymore backstory to the Sarr tribes
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