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Hoblings Vs Staves
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Tue Jun 19 2012, 11:34PM
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LuthorHuss wrote ...

except I am not talking about class restirctions. On top of that the lore on Biata goes with their not being able to use celestial magic. However all the lore on Hoblings (and the Hobbits they really are) would suggest that if anything they would use a staff. Personally I think all the races need to be relooked.

You are right that hobblings are way overpowered given their costume requirements. Personally I think all Scavengers, Sarrs, Stone Elves, and Drae should have much better racial abilities, while other races should be better ballanced.

response was more to madhobling, my apologies for not being clearer. and it's not just the races that need to be relooked, but you're right, the races are in need of reform.
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Wed Jun 20 2012, 07:13PM
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Hoblings should get hoopaks. :)
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Wed Jun 20 2012, 11:19PM
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which is part staff :P
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Fri Jun 22 2012, 06:03AM
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madhobling wrote ...

Now hobling dodge is cool, but only usable once per reset, at double the price of a regular dodge (no backstabs and no assasinate)....


Resist poison is used by several races....and since I never get hit with poisons, is not as cool as you think....except on mod gas traps...

Still I love the race, which is why I have played it for 15yrs


I would have to pay 80 build to get one dodge. A hobling pays 12(8 build less than just the dodge itself costs). It is, hands down, the best defense a PC is capable of getting outside of transforms/crack.

Resist poisons, honestly, are one of the best racials in the game. It shuts down the takeouts from an entire class(rogue). It was a lot better under 8th when everyone and their brother had alchemy 3, but it's still an extremely broad defense. Resist Sleep stops sleep. Resist Charm stops charm, dominate, vampire charm, and I think berserk. Resist poison stops weakness, dominate, nausea, vertigo, sleep, paralyze, damage, ingested deaths, and enslavements. And that's only tagged alchemy, I've run into plenty of monsters that swing or throw poisons outside of those.
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Fri Jun 22 2012, 11:20AM
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Resist poison is awesome for those cantrip wielding templars ;)
Uh oh, poison eater's vulnerable - aha! carrier immunity, poor NPCs I did hear them groan when they saw my fuzzy butt walk onto the mod ;)

But agreed, for minimal prosthetic/makeup repping Hoblings have a sweet ride, sure they lose out on fighter and 2handed weapons - but weighing pros vs cons... an equivalent level of 'repping' and all gypsies have is the curse by comparison.
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Thu Oct 24 2013, 02:51AM
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Actually you pay 80 build for a +4 backstab and a assassinate/dodge.

[ Edited Thu Oct 24 2013, 02:52AM ]
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Thu Oct 24 2013, 10:14AM
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Also this thread is pointless right racial restrictions.
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