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2011 Chapter 03: Teaser 02
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Thu Sep 08 2011, 03:52AM
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A letter to High Lord Thane Vord and High Lady Athane Maravan Dananheim,

Greetings. I hope this missive finds you and yours well.

It has been brought to our attention by the Skalds that there is, as the expression goes, a “plot afoot”. Rest assured that we know the Dwarves of the Eltor Szakal have had no part in recent events and have actually worked hard to avoid some of the recent unpleasantness brought to bear by the Kulta Kerros.

We are looking into this matter thoroughly and be glad to share any information we may find with you regarding this matter. I hope you, also, would do the same, so that we can all avert yet more bloodshed within the borders of our high kingdom. It is long past the time for this futile civil war to finally be over, for children to grow and prosper instead of being shipped off to a never-ending war. I have also sent a missive to High King Bulzaric regarding this matter. If you are uncomfortable sharing information on this matter with those of the Barrowheart, I would ask that you at least inform the Skalds of any information you discover.

Additionally, I would like to make some time to speak with you and others of you clan regarding potential trade negotiations. We have artisans who seek both metals and gems so they can begin creating things of beauty once more. Perhaps you may make some time to speak with me regarding this matter sometime in the near future, that is all I ask.

Your Humble Servant,

Angelique d’Artan, Ambassador to the Barrowheart
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