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2011 Chapter 03: Teaser 03
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Fri Sep 09 2011, 05:17AM
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I knew your greed would be your undoing…

Greed? I was greedy?

Yes. I would have shared my knowledge, out of respect for you as my mentor, but instead you wished to steal the information. So I allowed you to do as you wished and Identify the Orb…

Ah, so that is where…

Where you now reside? Yes, your essence was absorbed. I fear your physical vessel was destroyed once the magics holding the shell together were absorbed into the Orb.

So now I… we??? What?!?

Oh, another side effect is the Melding. I believe that came about through the influences of my lab assistants and their odd… quirks. In an effort to subvert me, you have found yourself bound instead and, through you, all that once was yours.

No! I… I.. um, we… No, I! I! I! Uh… um… we… obey… Yes, Master…

Oh, but so obsessed with power. Any obsession gives someone power over your. And love, what a foolish waste of resources. Children? True, they are full of pure, untapped potential, but that is nothing to what power they may obtain by growing and studying. Collecting those already grown into their own power is much more fruitful, overall. For example, you have just recently come into your greatest power… so ripe for the picking, and now you are ours, Claimed and Bound.

Yes, Master, as you wish Master, I live to serve. No, I have died to serve? Am I…

No, as long as the Orb exists, in part or whole, you… we… will remain…
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