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Tabletop games
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Tue Apr 17 2012, 04:12PM

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Tabletop Enthusiasts - Check the F@#% in!

I DM a weekly D&D game. We're running in 4th edition. Levels 1-10 were set in a fantasy version of Venice circa 1450. Lots of roleplay involving masks, intrigue, and politics.

Levels 11-20 is set in fantasy version of Australia during early English colonialism. The PCs were taken as slaves. They have to escape and free the Dreaming from the foreign imperialists. That's the short version. :)

Do you tabletop? What system? Anything you want to share about your game?

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Tue Apr 17 2012, 07:37PM
The Amazing
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I do Pathfinder, DND 3.5 , alot of d20 systems(Modern, fantasy,future) whitewolf games (Vampire, werewolf, Mage) Mutants and masterminds and a bit of card games such as Munchkin adn ninja burger. Thats just the ones i can list off my head and before you ask yes I do get some of the rules confused with others.

Edit: and no I do not play dnd 4th my groups specifically do not support that system. im indifferent personally but its wasnt as good as pathfinder or 3.5. Sorry it just wasnt IMO.

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