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Armor Solutions
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Fri Jun 01 2012, 08:05PM
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So I've been working on my costume some, been trying to figure out how to armor myself up abit more. Time is not much of an issue as I have plenty of it. Trying to find a way to create a lightweight suite of armor that can be easily hidden. Just wondering what some out there have done to try and resolve this.
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Mon Jun 18 2012, 03:06PM
NERO Armonian
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Which body parts are you looking to armor up? I would suggest leather (or pseudo leather) if you are looking for light armor. If you are going to make your own bracers, try using 5-7oz leather for the weight to keep it nice and light. If you are going pseudo leather, I have seen cereal boxes covered in brown vinyl (tablecloth perhaps) with rope glued around the edges to simulate the armor edging. Just make sure it is not going to fall apart if it gets hit!

As a general rule if it covers ~75% it's considered that area is covered.

If you have a Tandy Leather supply store near you, they can sometimes sell you scrap leather for cheap. Also check on Ebay and other popular auction sites to see if you can gear yourself out cheap.

Best of luck!
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Mon Jun 18 2012, 06:19PM
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not really a fan of leather, I have a suit of leather that is pretty light, however it goes down really quick. Tandy leather is horrible for prices, when I do buy leather I go to for cheap leather.

I think I ahve found a local place that may have some nice plastic I have been looking for, going by there tomorrow hopefully to pick up a roll of HDPE black plastic (10' x22" for $20). I've had some of this stuff before and the prototype I had worked great, just hard to mold into a new shape.

Tried PVC sintra a few years back, but it broke too easily, so if this new plastic does not work I may go back to Sintra and try layering it with Truck bed Kevlar paint to help add strength. Barring that I may have to give fiberglass armor a go and see how that works.
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Wed Jun 20 2012, 06:14PM
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Ah fiberglass. If you do that, be sure to buy cheap brushes to apply it. It dries quick and will forever ruin anything you used to apply it with. Also be sure that you get the ratio of the mixture right, otherwise it'll never dry.

I had built a chestplate out of chicken wire, paper-mached over that, then fiberglassed it. It was incredibly solid. I would still have it, but my cousin and brother decided to play with it. My cousin put it on and my brother swung at him as hard as he could with an aluminum baseball bat. It protected him, but joke was all that chicken wire cut him up when he tried to take it off. Ha. Ha.
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Thu Jun 21 2012, 12:43AM
Baron of Cathym, Volta
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Best chainmail ever.

[ Edited Thu Jun 21 2012, 12:45AM ]
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Thu Aug 16 2012, 07:53PM
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Have way too much time? SCALE MAIL!

Looks badass. Kinda heavy, even with just using aluminum. Also getting a full shirt with shoulders is a touch tricky but not impossible as I've been more or less learning as I go about how to contract and expand the pattern as needed.

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Thu Oct 24 2013, 12:50PM
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I would go with a simple 4/1 anodized aluminum set of armor. You can have it colored, and you can shape it to be hidden by your clothing. If you are concerned with jingling you can always weave pieces of cloth in the rings, such as burlap or thin linen. Aluminum chain is going to be your lightest option, and second thinnest to leather.
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Wed Nov 06 2013, 09:49PM
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for all things chain and scale mail come check me out. Visit my page here

Northcoast Armor & Jewelry does custom armor in both chain and scale
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