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A Note about the Upcoming June 8, 2012 event
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Wed Jun 06 2012, 05:09PM
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Hello all my dear and darling ones!  Selina here with a note about something we are working on implementing at the upcoming June 8-10, 2012 event…

We are going to move logistics out of the tavern by NO LATER than 9pm so we can have a “soft start” then, giving our wonderful players some fun RP time IG before we begin bombarding them with massive amounts of plot!  There will be staff and some NPCs out and about for various things, of course!  We will start with both OOG and IG “opening ceremonies” at 9 PM and ope to get serious stuff happening at 10PM.  This way those who arrive earlier than others aren’t stuck sitting around and waiting for the later arrivals and those who get there later won’t really miss anything of great import!

If this works hopefully it will add to everyone having a more fun gaming experience!

There are a few other things we’re planning to add to your gaming pleasure, but we’ll wait until the weekend gets here and surprise you with them!

Hope to see you this weekend!

~  Selina, Plot Coordinator
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