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Teasers: Chapter 2, 2012
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Wed Jun 06 2012, 05:27PM
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Being a collection of rumors and things heard around the lands of Kaurath, gathered and presented to you for your edification!

“Quiet dreaming turns to struggles and soft cries of terror. Suddenly she awakes, sweating. A deep breath. Just a dream. Then the tentacles come in the door.”
“It's really a simple contract. I will be surrounded by my enemies for a week. I am paying you, very well, to ensure that if I do not survive the experience neither do they. If I live and leave safely you have earned you pay for doing nothing but watching. If not then you can bring honor by slaughtering those responsible. I have let word slip out so if you fail, your previous reputation will be hurt. I will not care if it takes time to get them. I’ll be dead and gone. Do we have an accord?”
“So if you give them passage to the deep river you gain access to the southern fields, support from their scouts in battle, and the ability to strike down one personal opponent each day. Surely that is sufficient to satisfy the Clan and your own … political needs?”
“Get ready, bring in our best local people, they have gotten fat and lazy and stopped bothering to patrol regularly. Its too large an opportunity to pass up. Our enemy's disorganized, the strength of life and death in our hands, the Master released, and thence all our dreams fulfilled. What more can we ask for?”
“Heh. The fools, its time for the coup de grace, decapitation and death to all of them.”
Refugees have begun to arrive in Celtios from a nearby farming village that is plagued by a curse.  The refugees speak of a darkness in the foggy woods near their home and many of them speak of their lost children and loved ones. “The fog takes them” seems to be the only response they are able to give, while a few speak of some cowardly adventurers who made it out alive, and of how even they could not stop the curse.  The town is now filled with homeless farmers who have abandon their homes for fear of being “taken by the fog”.

A prophesy has come to light. “One who has been lost will soon be found again, when he is, the tide will change for all of Kaurath, Change is upon us All, only time will tell if the people of Kaurath will join against the tide as one, or if the time is upon us all for an end to the High Kingdom”
The stones of six
Have their tricks.
Choose wisely my pet
or you will regret.
Heroes together must fall.

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