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Updated Chapter List: Post your Chapter Info here!
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Thu Aug 11 2011, 02:54AM
Dark Lord of NERO

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Joined: Mon May 30 2011, 02:21AM
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So, intead of using the old chapter list off of the old website, I'd rather try and start fresh with correct chapter listings. Please post here with the following info:

Chapter Name:

Chapter Location:(please choose a city or zip code that would be closest to your most common sites, so we can put you on Google Maps)

Chapter Website:

Chapter Owner:

Chapter Phone Number:

Chapter Email Address:

Thank You,
Kenny G
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Thu Aug 11 2011, 03:29AM
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Joined: Mon Aug 08 2011, 10:37AM
Posts: 12
Since Annie doesn't always frequent the boards, from her website:

Chapter Name: NERO Mass/Ravenholt (Founding chapter of NERO)
Chapter Location: Franklin, MA
Chapter Website:
Chapter Owner:Annemarie Boswell
Chapter Phone Number: (508) 809-0528
Chapter Email Address(es):
Registration: RHregistration©
Character Updates: RHupdate©
Logistics (Tags): RHlogistics©
Plot: plot©
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Thu Aug 11 2011, 04:42AM
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Joined: Mon Aug 08 2011, 09:56AM
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This is the list of information I had gathered before the first forums were taken down.

Nero Hinterlands (New Brunswick, Canada) -

NERO Phoenix - AZ -
owner: Michael Hatch
Email: owner_nerophx©

Nero Hartford - CT -

Nero Empire- CO -

Nero Central Florida - FL -
Nero Sun Coast - FL -
Owner: Ryan Massey
Email: knightofevendarr©

Nero Atlanta - GA -
Owner: Ryan Massey
Email: knightofevendarr©

NERO Chicago- IL -
NERO Nexus - IL -
NERO Vanguard - IL -

Nero Indiana - IN -
Co-Owner: Corey T Kump - Corey.Kump© - (317)4CORVEC
Co-Owner: Clinton Bernier - CBernier2© - (765)427-1898

Nero Legends - LA -

Nero Mass - MA -
Owner: Annie Boswell
Email: neromassowner©
Nero Boston - MA -
Owner: Adam Elbirt
Email: aelbirt©

Metro Detroit -
Owner: Jason Miner


NERO Piedmont - NC -
Owner: Derek Saluga
Email: owners©
phone: 336-225-1530

Nero Cincinnati - OH/KY -
Owners: Eric Bauer and Rob Dreyer
Email: owner©
Phone: 513.655.NERO
North Coast Nero - OH -
Northlands - OH -
WAR - OH -

PRO - PA -
Owner: Greg Brothers
Email: Gregorybrothers©

Nero Dreadmark -TN-
Owner - Saleem Halabi
E-mail - halabis©

Nero NT - TX -
Owner - Joseph Shacklett
E-mail - Joseph.Shacklett©
Phone - (361)834-3522
Nero Epic - TX/OK -

Nero Gateways - VA/DC - (Metro)

Nero SWV - WV -
Email: swvnero©
Nero Elkins - WV -
Owner: Matt Taylor
Email: Neroelkins©
Phone: 304-591-larp (4277)

NERO Wisconsin (Lost Realms) - WI -
Owners: Michael J. Martinez, Melanie Stagman
Email: michaeljonmartinez©; pastrypixie©

Non-tyrran campaigns:

Wildlands West (KY) -
Fables of Fenorra (technically a subcampaign of boston) -

[ Edited Thu Aug 11 2011, 04:42AM ]
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Thu Aug 11 2011, 04:51AM
Dark Lord of NERO

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Joined: Mon May 30 2011, 02:21AM
Posts: 170
Thanks. I'll still be using Joe's list from the old website, but any contradictions with what I get here, I will use the new info.
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Thu Aug 11 2011, 02:55PM
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Joined: Mon Aug 08 2011, 10:01AM
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Metro Detroit NERO now uses as their website and forum.
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Fri Aug 12 2011, 02:15AM
Janelle Hayes, Owner - PRO
Registered Member #115
Joined: Mon Aug 08 2011, 10:53AM
Posts: 134
Chapter Name: PRO LARP

Chapter Location: Pittsburgh, PA area. Campsite located in the Burgettstown, PA area.

Chapter Website:

Chapter General Manager: Kris Hayes

Chapter Email Address:©

Ken – this information will be different from that of the old site. This is a recent change, but has already been cleared through National.

Also, NERO ARGO is another chapter in PA and they are not directly affiliated with PRO.

Thanks so much!
Janelle & Kris Hayes
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Fri Aug 12 2011, 11:35AM
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Joined: Mon Aug 08 2011, 10:40AM
Posts: 10
Chapter Name: Nero Legends

Chapter Location: Lake Charles, LA 70611

Chapter Website:

Chapter Owner: Karl Domrose

Chapter Email Address: gm©, plot©

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Sun Aug 14 2011, 04:51PM
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Joined: Mon Aug 08 2011, 09:58AM
Posts: 222
Chapter Name: NERO ARGO
Chapter Location: Meadville, PA (Campsites - Slippery Rock, PA)
Chapter Website:
Chapter Owners: Beren Olean, Cameron Garmer
Chapter Email Address: argo.staff©

No Phone Number

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Tue Aug 30 2011, 10:33PM
Owner, NERO New Brunswick
Registered Member #107
Joined: Mon Aug 08 2011, 10:50AM
Posts: 176
Chapter Name: NERO New Brunswick
Chapter Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Chapter Website:
Chapter Owner: Andrew Inness
Chapter Phone Number: 506-47two-3zero6zero
Chapter Email Address: manager at nero dot nb dot ca
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Wed Aug 31 2011, 07:08AM
Registered Member #46
Joined: Mon Aug 08 2011, 10:03AM
Posts: 51
Chapter Name: NERO Hartford
Chapter Location:Orange, CT
Chapter Website:
Chapter Owner: Mad Tea Party Productions, Inc.
Chapter Phone Number: 347-275-3354
Chapter Email Addresses:
- Registration:
- Char updates and tags:
- Plot:
- NPC Camp:
- New Player Inquiries:

[ Edited Wed Aug 31 2011, 07:14AM ]
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