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Area Effect
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Thu Jul 05 2012, 09:20PM
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Add the following entry under Delivery Methods on page 87:

Area Effect
This delivery method is used only for traps and hazards or environmental effects. An in-game PC or NPC may not use area effect as a delivery method for attacks or abilities. Area effects are usually announced by an out-of-game player wearing a white headband (typically the staff member who is monitoring the encounter.) An active NPC may call area effects, but this should only be done if an out-of-game encounter marshal is not available. Area effects are blocked by any defense that would work against the attack's effect or type except for displacement, parry, dodge and phase.

By default, a hazard or environment area effect hits everyone who hears the verbal. The event staff may specify other uses of area effects that have more specific targets or trigger conditions. If so, the call is the same but person announcing the effect must indicate the target first.

The verbal call for an area effect that delivers elemental, physical or poison damage is "Area Effect <number> <effect type> <damage type>."

For example: The adventurers travel to the Elemental Plane of Fire. Every 60 seconds, an encounter marshal in a white headband calls, "Area Effect 10 Elemental Flame."

The verbal call for a hazard or environmental effect that delivers a spell or status effect is, "Area Effect <effect type> <effect name> <target> <spell damage/healing number>."

Example 1: The adventurers find a large stone obelisk. When Arthur the Brave reaches out and touches it, he is shocked by a torrent of arcane electricity. The encounter marshal says, "Arthur - Area Effect Arcane Lightning Storm 30.”

Example 2: The adventurers are traveling through a corrupted forest. Pools of necromantic corruption are represented by sheets of black plastic. The group is pushed back onto a sheet while fighting. The encounter marshal calls, "Everyone standing on a black tarp - Area Effect Magic Wither Limb Leg."

The event staff must declare the presence of any area effect with special targets or conditions before the encounter. The announcement for such effects can be broad enough so that it doesn’t explain how to defeat the challenge. Not all of the announced conditions actually need to be present on the encounter, so that the players don’t know exactly what to expect. The purpose of the announcement is so they know that they might be hit by game effects outside of the normal parameters of weapon and packet combat.

An appropriate announcement would be, “Stepping in certain areas, touching certain objects, performing certain specific actions, possessing specific marks or having specific transformation affinities might trigger area effects on this encounter. If the encounter marshal indicates a specific player or players, only those indicated will take the effect. If no player is indicated beforehand, everyone who hears the call is affected as normal.” ”

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