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Surface areas
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Sun Jul 08 2012, 05:53PM
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So I am looking at another new costume idea (I think I may have more costume clothes I've made now then regualr clothes) in reading the rule book an area must be covered at least 75% in order to count as armored. So my question is this: Where do you typically measure for chest and back measurements to make sure you have at least 75% is covered?
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Sun Jul 08 2012, 06:13PM
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measure? you're overthinking this too much. armor marshalls looks at your rep and decide individually, there is no measurement involved.
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Sun Jul 08 2012, 07:15PM
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As Ash said its more of a "covers majority" Rule

Just make sure you have most of your front and back torso covered, really you should contact your local chapter and ask what they preffer. For us here in NS, Its Majority rules, meaning if it were real would it give you at least some decent protection.
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Sun Jul 08 2012, 07:17PM
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well I kinda figured that, I'm just trying to figure out what is generally considered the 'chest'. Do your sides count? What about the waist line, is it at the natural waist line like most armor was made to? Or should we look at counting down to where most people were their belts at these days? How about shoulders? Do we need to factor any part above the neck line?

I know it's abit 'rules lawyer-esque' but I would hate to put the effort into a costume only to be told it's not enough coverage, however too much coverage kinda kills the look I am going for.
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Mon Aug 06 2012, 07:30PM
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I think its to stop the chain mail bikini on a dude saying its armor.
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