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2011 Chapter 4: Teaser 01
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Tue Oct 11 2011, 12:35AM
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Hear ye! Hear ye!

The High King of the Nine Kingdoms of Karauth, the First of his name, High King Bulzaric Kaurathel is declaring the announcement a Grand Tournament in honor of the change of season and the elevation of Skald Alric Stark to the position of High Lord Magistrate.

The Tournament shall take place on 29 Syyskuu, 1116 K.H. (29 October, 611 E.R.). Starting at 2pm, the Grand Melee will commence. During the Melee combatants will fight until only one remains. Those who fall will be rifted by formal magics to the Healers Guild where Royal Healers will attend to their wounds. Once a single combatant is left, they will be declared a champion and be excused from the next round. Once five champions have been determined they will hold a final melee to determine the melee champion. The winner shall receive 100 Gold.

The second tournament is the tournament of skill. Two champions shall be chosen among those who enter the Tournament. The other participants shall then have their chance to challenge the champions. Blunted tourney weapons of the combatant’s choice shall be provided to each participant. As this is a tourney of skill the strength of the sword arm shall not come into effect. Rather a blow that lands on an arm will render that arm not able to be used. A blow to the leg will render the leg unable to be used. A blow to the torso shall be considered a win for the opponent. Once the champion is challenged they will either win, remaining champion, or be replaced by the challenger. The champion shall present a sigil to be displayed for challengers to present their challenge to. This can be in the form of a banner, tabard, shield or other such device. This will continue until each participant has been defeated twice. Once only two champions remain they shall battle until the Tournament Champion is crowned. The winner shall receive a magic weapon crafted by the Royal Weaponsmiths and Mages after consulting the winner. In addition the winner is given the responsibility of naming the Queen (or King) of the Turning Leaves. This honor shall be presented to the person at the gathering the champions feels best reflects the beauty of the season.

All who wish to participate will pay the entrance sum of 5 gold. In addition on the eve before the Tournament there shall be two favors hidden amongst the woods of the Gate Town that will admit the participant free of charge. In addition if a Noble grants their favor to a participant, the charge will be waived.

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