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2011 Chapter 4: Teaser 02
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Fri Oct 21 2011, 05:53AM
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Notes from a wandering reporter…

Hello readers! I’ve seen some exciting things across the land in recent months, some which may be cause to worry, while others to rejoice!

First the creatures now known as the “Jaegers”, the Pantherghast-like creatures, which began a reign of terror for Gypsies and their “didikai” a few months ago, have begun exhibiting signs of, well, for lack of a better phrase, “breaking down”. It started with what can be assumed to be the weaker ones simply, well, imploding a little over a month ago. There are not many left now who have not reached their implosion point, but on the scary side of that bit of news, dear readers, is the fact that the ones left seem to be the strongest of the Jaegers. We can all be thankful, at least, that while similar to the fearsome Pantherghasts, they are overall a much weaker creature, comparatively.

This does beg the question, however, of where the mad man known as Balthazar has disappeared to. After making such a fearsome splash, with public appearances bringing horror and fear to many, he seems to have simply disappeared. While many seem to feel this is a good thing, and others fear that he is off plotting and planning yet more horrors for the Kaurathi people, this reporter fears even more that something or someone may have annihilated this entity for us! Why fear, and not be thankful you ask, faithful readers? Well, if who, or whatever, it was took down something as horrendous as Balthazar without there being pitched warfare, then I fear that entity even more!

Although, speaking of Balthazar, lovely readers, does bring me to the next bit of news, the “Founts” he created through his horrifying brand of mixed magic. Observing one from a (hopefully!) safe distance, I have been extremely disturbed to note that they are shrinking and yet also poisoning the land around them even more, somehow, through this shrinkage. It is as if something is sucking them away, somehow, and their poisons are becoming more concentrated. Wildlife and surrounding plants are being tainted by these founts at a horrendous rate, so beware those necromantic squirrels out there! Two founts have completely disappeared, in fact, which constitutes the good news. The bad news accompanying that, is that they left craters of tainted and poisoned earth and water supplies behind, which continue to spread to the wildlife in the areas. Scholars are performing various formal magics to cleanse the land and water, but it is a slow process and we can only hope that those areas are completely cleansed by spring's new growing and birthing season!

On to some fun news, for those interested in the doings of the Ffolke hereabouts! It seems they are gearing up for the final rounds in their “Fae Champion” competition! This reporter even got to exchange a few words with one of the representatives, who commented, “Yes, the betting is heating up and the last stretch is finally on! Of course, the Red Caps hold the bets but the Huntmaster is actually the one laying odds on which unlikely – or likely! – people will hold these titles in the end!” I have been told that announcements would be made soon after the end of the upcoming Tourney in Celtios, so you really do not want to miss a moment of the excitement!

Until next time, dear readers, travel safe in these unsafe times!

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