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Iron Golem
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Thu Aug 11 2011, 03:40PM
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I made an Iron Golem costume for the NERO Chicago Dungeon at GenCon 2011. The costume is made up of blue camp foam and craft foam with a layer of gesso and grey spray paint and finally shined with rub 'n buff. I didn't want a generic golem so I went with a Tragedy theme.

The final version had a couple of small improvements. The mouth is covered with small grate (plastic) which hides the wearer's mouth but still allows them to be clearly heard. Also the person wearing the costume put on black gloves.
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Fri Aug 12 2011, 01:45PM
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I love the tragedy theme. Well done!
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Fri Aug 12 2011, 05:12PM
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Looks good...Those huge shoulders would drive me nuts though.
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Tue Oct 11 2011, 01:23AM
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I wish all players who played golums would put in real effort to look like a golum. Good job.
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Wed Oct 12 2011, 04:39PM
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that dose rock
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Mon Apr 30 2012, 01:16AM
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thats awesome
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Tue Jun 26 2012, 04:59AM
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How well did it hold up to combat? Might give this a go in our chapter if it holds up to lots of use.
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