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New Goblin Point Policy Discussion
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Fri Aug 31 2012, 01:06AM
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Hi everyone. Feel free to post and questions or comments here. I'll do my best to keep up and answer everyone.
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Fri Aug 31 2012, 01:31AM
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I'm not going to get in-depth with it.

I think the UL weapon reward is too low. Materials are WAY more expensive than for regular boffers, several times more, in fact. I'd be MORE encouraged to make PVC boffers. The same applies to two-handed weapons (but even more so).

I think the magic item redemption is too cheap.

You increased the time it's going to take my primary to get to target build by nearly two years - I live pretty far away from the closest chapter, and can make events infrequently, but I am CONSTANTLY building weapons/spackies/requested items so I can blanket my primary.
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Fri Aug 31 2012, 01:41AM
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Upon occasion, I make custom monster costumes for my chapter. These usually cost about $75-$100 in materials. Where does something like this fit into the policy? Full costume (max 300gp) or Valuable item (points up to chapter)?

EDIT: never mind, this is covered in the text about exceptions tot the award policy.

"gp" mentally translates into "gold pieces" for me personally so it was hard to read the charts at first because it looked like you were talking about in game gold.

[ Edited Fri Aug 31 2012, 01:43AM ]
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Fri Aug 31 2012, 01:50AM
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Couple of questions off the cuff.

I'm curious as to why it was decided not to allow +2 weapons?

If a chapter uses formal magic logistics, is there any problem with using goblin for a formal scroll that you use up during logistics and thus save the chapter the necessity of printing the tag?
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Fri Aug 31 2012, 02:03AM
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my opinion is to allow discussion to occur before implementation. maybe set a date for january 1.
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Fri Aug 31 2012, 02:18AM
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There isn't a conversion for monetary donations to goblin points. Some of us don't bother crafting cause we don't have the time or skill, but do have the cash.

Also, don't like it on a lot of levels.
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Fri Aug 31 2012, 03:06AM
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The system you posted will kill donations. It is not a good system and there is no need for it. It is bad from a business sense and also an In Game sense.

It makes it seem that being on plot is the hook up club.

Donating a 65-100 dollar ultralight gets you 100 goblins at most. But writing an article nets you 100-400 goblins.

It certainly seems like this was written by non owners who do stuff for chapters. Hence they do not care about the donations because they are not sinking their money into their chapter. But gave themselves the hook up.

The purpose of a goblin point system is to get more donations not way less.

I will post after this what I posted in the owners forum about this policy.

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Fri Aug 31 2012, 03:07AM
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Thoughts on the Goblin Policy :

Hello all I am Seth Warfield and I am the new/old owner of Nero Kzoo. The purpose of this unified goblin policy to continue to get lots of donations and have people help subsidize the game that they love.

I do not understand the thought process behind some of the ideas. Why is a blanket of xp so expensive and yet a formal component and magic item way to cheap?

Blanket SystemKeep the blanket system the same at 50 goblins. Do not have it scale with level as you already get exponentially lower return as you level. The other way to run the blanket system is to double the blanket cost and allow them to buy unlimited blankets a month.

50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400 etc.

You will find most people will buy three blankets. And those with a ton of goblins might buy more but by the 5th blanket in a month it costs more than a single blanket does for a year.

And let people have a ton of goblins. We want them to keep giving us free stuff. But make getting in game items WAY WAY more expensive.

Maxing Out – You should allow players to max out with goblins.

Buying Coin – I do not agree with buying coin. But it you are going to allow it then you can only trade in 100 goblins and we give you a platinum once a month that is a fair trade. That coin only costs us 15 cents. We do not hand out gold only platinum. Or if you would prefer a Gem worth 10 gold either way keep your phys rep cost under 25 cents.

Production - Let those who can actually make it pay 1 goblin per level of production on anything they can already make.

If you cannot make it pay 5 goblins per production point.

Still cap that at 100 goblins a month spent. This will encourage skills most people think of as a waste because of the current system. And it allows those who have production to sell their wares because the other players can buy items from plot but at 5 silver per level effectively.

Components - In game on the low end a component sells for 3-4 gold and the high end 7 gold. Make the goblin cost even higher. You want to encourage an in game economy it is good for the game.

Make it so a person with formal can pay goblins for formal components. They can gather up to their level in formal each event they PC at using the following chart:

Component Level / Type /Formal Level Cost/Goblin Cost
1 / Random / 1 /50
1 / Choice / 2 /100
2 / Random / 2 /100
2 / Choice / 4 /200
4 / Random / 4 /200
4 / Choice / 8 /400
So this will allow you players to pay for a component and still have an in game economy.

Magic Items – If you are going to let players buy magic items make sure they are priced accordingly. We have certain players that travel from chapter to chapter and make magic items for money. They normally price out what they charge at 3 gold per non power component and 5 gold per power component. With a rare component priced out at 9 gold for a non power and 15 gold for a rare power. With a cost typically of 12 gold for scroll rental. You have multiple people making the items so you have an in game economy as well. We need to establish a system that still allows them to flourish and if people want to buy items then so be it but at a prohibitive cost. That way we do not get an influx of items.

So using this established system already in place here is a suggestion for the goblin cost of magic items.

Magic Items
Scroll Level/Average components/Rares/Component
1 /1 Power, 2 Others/ none 300
2 /2 Power, 2 Others/ none /400
3 /3 Power, 3 Others/ none /600
4 /4 Power, 3 Others/ none /700
5 /5 Power, 4 Others/ 1 Power/ 1000
6 /6 Power, 4 Others/ 1 Power/ 1100
7 /7 Power, 4 Others/ 1 Power/ 1200
8 /8 Power, 6 Others/ All / 2800
9 /9 Power, 6 Others/ /All / 3000

And always charge 200 goblins for scroll rental.

So making a maxed out +3 Sword, rendered, for 2 years would be 8100 goblins. So yes you could buy one but it will cost you a lot of goblins. Doing a system like this is good for the game. And allows the people who really want to help out to get the things they want and will continue to help out.

In closing

Let the people who produce the items to have a market. It lowers the overall effective build of the game. But put in place a way for people to get items with goblins just make it expensive. So that way people will continue to give things to the chapter. We want people to give us goblins and work.
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Fri Aug 31 2012, 03:22AM
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I like a lot of what Seth said, though I am still against goblins for magic items.

I am a crafter. I build a lot of weapons. At Cinci's weeklong event a couple weeks ago, I donated a small arsenal of weapons and shields, several of which were hybrid and UL, including a polearm.

Ten feet of PVC costs a couple bucks. A single kitespar core costs about $15 after shipping, plus $6-10 PER CORE after the first. That's not including the $7-9 per 25' roll of kite tape. With this policy, I am NEVER donating another UL or hybrid weapon. And while many chapters don't like their NPCs having access to UL weapons (and I agree to a point), they were still valuable donation items. But not anymore.

That said, I'll suck it up and still NPC/donate. But yes, the new policy WILL drop my donations. It's just not worth it.
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Fri Aug 31 2012, 03:39AM
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Noah: I think there is a lot of concern about not getting enough goblin points per dollar spent. What ratio of dollars per goblin points is NERO aiming at with this policy?
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