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Request from the Hartford Plot Team
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Thu Oct 27 2011, 09:24PM
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Hello all you wonderful NEROtics! *smile*

It’s that time again… Bags are packed, blankets ready to go, heaters pulled out of storage and wood bundled and ready for those cold campground nights. You’ve pre-regged and even sent in your production requirements. You are all good to go and ready to roll! Yay for you!!! *grin*

But… before you think you are all set we here on the Plot Team would find it a HUGE favor if you could, maybe, do the following for us:

1. If you have odd or unique Craftsman skills (Fortuneteller/Seer, etc) that the Plot Team can “use” let us know! This way we can have cool stuff waiting for you instead of having to hunt you down at the event to ask!!!

2. If you have a Transform, whether out of chapter or LCO, please let us know and send us the stats along with any special conditions for “popping”, etc. While these stats and this information may have been available at one time it is not in the hands of the current Plot Team and, in an effort to make sure everyone has fun we thought that compiling a listing of this type would make it easier to run more “tailored” plot and stat weekends and modules more appropriately.

3. Anything else you can think of! Our job is to make the best game possible for ALL players. The best way to do that is to have YOUR input!

The email address to send this information to is plot© and we DO read everything! *grin*

I now return you to your regularly scheduled insanity!


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