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New To FL larp and Nero, a Dark elf from Cali.
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Tue Sep 18 2012, 07:11AM
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-half wave- Hey to everyone out there.

I'm not new to Larp but I am new to Nero, and my favorite Race is the Dark elves, ever since I cracked that first R.A. Salvatore book.

I like being sneaky, and my snarky comments while sometimes trouble in RL go along just fine with my larp self. I apologize for them in advance.-grins-

Nice to meet you all.
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Mon Oct 08 2012, 08:19PM
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I too play a Dark Elf and am a big fan of Salvatore's books. One thing to let you know before you play. Most Dark Elven RP styles from D&D would not last long in NERO. You can use it to influence your character concept a bit (my character is based very loosely on Zaknafein), but I can pretty much guarantee you won't survive long if you are, 1. Openly and excessively evil or 2. Playing the Drizzt "I hate my people" card.
You can still be a bit of a sneaky, snarky, bad guy, but you do have to have a code of honor though.
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