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Nero Kalamazoo Event Nov 30 - Dec 2, 2012 "The shadows of a Severed hand"
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Mon Nov 12 2012, 04:01PM
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The event will be at

Camp Merrie Wood
12584 Burchette Rd, Plainwell, MI 49080

Check out for more information and please feel free to email seth© for more plot information.

Here is the event teaser!

The Shadows of the Severed Hand

New Caladore’s light has begun to once again shine into the darkness. The noble heroes from near and far have helped her in her time of need. Mighty blows have been stuck against the assembled foes of Caladore. The adventurers that call Caladore their home have laid waste to an Orc army, made inroads against the trolls and have vanquished foes behind the scenes.

Trade has begun to flow back into the realm and many more people are moving into the outlying farms. New buildings are being built as the area is being rebuilt. Farmers are harvesting their crops and a general feeling of happiness has swept the people of the land.

New guilds are assembling to fight against the darkness or possibly to strengthen it. Rumors of a thieves guild selling mercenary services can be heard in the dark outskirts of town. Bands of fighters are pooling their collective might with a few healers to form the Order of the Bull, notorious for fighting to the death.

The Academy of Arcane Arts is building a large outpost to serve the people. Archwizards and strange creatures are seen casting magics on the building that is being erected. In addition many crates of supplies are being delivered. And it looks as if some workshops are being assembled and put into place in the newly constructed buildings. Recruitment signs are hung up all over the lands in Caladore for any who can cast the celestial magics.

The Healers Guild of Caladore is seen renovating the other side of the outpost. It looks as if they will be sharing a large building with the two guilds. Two glowing circles of power can be seen in the large building as Elandrin is seen organizing scolls and piles of clothes of various sizes. And he is packing backpacks to help those who resurrected without supplies for them to have at least some things to retrieve their personal belongings. Signs are up recruiting those who can heal to join the healers guild as well as signs for donations to the poor spirits who will resurrect.

A gypsy name Vlad can be seen making his case loudly that the Gypsies should have a gypsy guild. And they should be afforded the same rights as other guilds. He has some tents hastily set up with a large group of Gypsys hanging outside of the tents.

The Blacksmiths Guild is seen with a large forge and a large variety of different projects outside of the guild. Various suits of armor, weapons, large creature traps, and what appear to be bodies of Iron and other materials half-finished gleaming in the sun. Many signs recruiting for the “Grand Plan” are seen everywhere offering great rewards.

The Alchemists Guild is working on an older building a little further from town. They seem to be putting up a bar inside the building and a large workstation full of strange powders and Unguents. They have recruitment flyers about the town touting many of their members and bragging that they even include Death himself as one of their members.

New forces of Elves can be seen gathering at the camps of the Baron. As well as some other forces being gathered as reinforcements, from humans, to dwarfs and even a few ogres have begun to build barracks and fortifications to help stand against the orcs and other enemies of Caladore.

A small group of orcs bearing the banner of the severed hand have set up a camp well north of the town and have sent runners to the town to ask for talks of peace and parley. In the runners messages they have asked for terms for a peaceful permanent settlement for the orcs to stop any future blood shed. The letters request a meeting Saturday at midday for peace negotations.

The Duchess herself has begun her travel to attend the peace negotiations with her contingent of Drae and her human attendants. An entourage is due to arrive Friday night with a welcoming celebration for her arrival. The Duchess will hear requests from her subjects and honor three of them as is tradition.

Keeping busy with the rebuilding and settlement of new arrivals have kept your mind off what else could be out beyond the settled areas of New Caladore. The things that hid in the out in the open...lurking, waiting for an opportunity to reveal itself. Your imagination is getting the better of you. Yes, there is much of the lands left unexplored. But, with the orc threat still fresh and political intrigues starting to crop up, there is still plenty to keep you occupied. And that little movement in the corner of you eye...? It will have to keep until your little circle on influence within New Caladore can be made whole.

What adventures still exist within New Caladore? And what dangers await outside her comforting borders? There is much work to be done and many questions to be answered. Will you forge into Caladore or be bested by the approach of winters bite?

The story continues to unfold at the next NERO Kzoo event Nov. 30 - Dec. 2, 2012.

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