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December 9-11 Volta - Things That Go Bump In The Night
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Volta – Things That Go Bump In The Night

On Monday night, the light started going out of the world.

The children noticed it first, and huddled in their homes, avoiding the inevitable lie the parents would tell them. They knew that if they talked about why they stayed in doors, why they stayed near the fires and lamps, all but shivering in fear, that their parents would tell them the same lie that parents have been telling children since time began; “There’s no reason to be afraid of the dark.”

But there was.

Tuesday morning brought reports of disappearances, of murder and violence. Bodies found, frostbitten and blackened, or ripped limb from limb, fist sized chunks of flesh missing, faces frozen in death masks of terror. Entire camps and homes found empty. Patrols were organized, nobles responded to protect their people, but nothing was found.

Until the darkness came again. As the sun sank low, fires burned dim. People banked their hearths against the coming night, piling wood on the fires, but he light refused to burn bright or warm. The darkness had become a semi-palpable thing, sucking away even the light of lanterns and fires. Scared, people locked themselves in their homes, barring their doors against the darkness, until they were sure there was no way the darkness could get in.

But there was.

More dead. Terror ran through small communities. Towns turned their eyes outward, becoming increasingly watchful and protective. Nobles and Chiefs gathered their people into the larger keeps and lodges, seeking safety in numbers, in thick stone walls and well laid-out war-camps. People felt safe, until the sun began to set. Until, one by one, torches sputtered and went out, until the darkness was so complete that there was no way to see the things that the darkness hid.

But there was.

As spells flashed, as blades were brought to bear, when combat brought them, snarling, into contact with the darkness, they could be seen, creatures of shadow and ice, creatures of shade and fury. Warriors screamed. Scholars wept. Keeps fell. Voltans died.

Thursday found death and ruin. It was worse at the borders of Volta, darker, and so people fled inward. Smaller keeps were sealed as citizens fell back to larger cities and capitols. People were encouraged to fall back to Unity, or to take cover where they could. The Heroes of Volta spent the day moving people, as many people as they could. They supported communities, rallied defenders, and built up watch-fires.

Travel was difficult, and many did not make it to under cover as the light began to fade from sky, as the Celestial and Earth circles in the periphery of Volta flickered and died. Despair took hold of their hearts as they found themselves on the road, or in the woods. They knew there was no way they would survive the night, no way they could make their way to safety.

But there was.

The Heroes of Volta were there. They clashed with darkness, again and again, spending blood and resources to buy the citizens precious seconds. Throughout the night, the Heroes ferried the hopeless, the lost, back to Unity. Striking out again, and again, and again, saving more and more lives, spending the night making sure that those they could reach would live to see the light come again to the sky.

But I need not tell you that last part. You were there.

In the last minutes of night Friday morning, in the moments before the sun rose into the sky, Volta held its breath. The long week had worn everyone down, past the point of hope, past the point of reason. In that last, long minute before sunrise, many people held their breath, terrified that the impossible would happen. Terrified that the light was gone forever.

In that moment, Volta faltered.

Redpath laughed.

But the sun rose.

For thematic reasons, the Volta staff is asking that you try and keep your cabins as dim as possible, relying on smaller, atmospheric lighting rather than the overhead lights of the cabins. Volta staff will be making rope-lights available as possible. We do not want anyone to incur great expense or to compromise safety in the pursuit of atmosphere. We appreciate that this is short notice, and hope that everyone will participate to the extent that is fun and adds to their experience.

Out of Game Announcements

It is our pleasure to announce the Volta event at Camp Clara Barton for December 9-11, 2011!
Please consider taking an NPC shift! Anyone taking an NPC shift will receive an additional event blanket, 50 goblin stamps, and grab-bag equipment as additional compensation.

Please consider trading in silver for gold and platinum! Favorable rates will be offered for large quantities!

1. The cost for the event will be $85 PC (free to NPC).
2. The price of a New Player Pack is currently $50 and this includes a 1-year NERO membership, a NERO rulebook, and one free event.
3. While there is no additional fee for payments received at door, such payments must be made in cash and we would greatly appreciate it if you would pre-register at so that we know you are coming.
4. There is no food service at Camp Barton so please plan accordingly.
5. Camp Barton quiet hours are from 10 PM to 8 AM. Conversational combat must be used during quiet hours in all areas except the barn/module building and the fields/trails across the street.
6. Players are welcome to arrive at Camp Barton any time after 5 PM. We will start the event at 10 PM with in-game opening ceremonies occurring around 11 PM.
7. Camp Barton is a SMOKE FREE camp. Smoking is not allowed on camp grounds. If you must smoke, please do so on the road alongside the camp grounds by the dumpster, across the street from Tarpey cabin.
8. Please come to monster camp in White House cabin to get your cabin assignment for the weekend. Cabin assignments will be posted on-line starting Wednesday December 7, 2011 at .
9. Please keep all areas as clean as possible to minimize event clean-up. A map of Camp Barton is available at .

Please feel free to contact me at aelbirt© with any questions and please contact all of Volta staff at Volta_Staff© to indicate specific storylines that your character would like to pursue.

The staff and I are looking forward to entertaining you!

Adam Elbirt
Owner – NERO Boston/Epic Adventures LLC


December 9-11, 2011 Event Information

1. All players may turn in up to 100 goblin stamps for 100 production points.
2. Please email Adam Elbirt at aelbirt© no later than Wednesday, December 7, 2011, with requests for new player equipment and production.
3. Please see Adam Elbirt when arriving at Camp Barton so that you can check in, pay for the event (if necessary), receive your tags and character card, and drop off any donations for goblin stamps. Character cards will be provided when checking in for characters in either the NERO Boston or International databases. If your character is in another database, please bring your character card.
4. The event takes place at the estate of Unity, the Capital of Volta and all in attendance are enjoying the hospitality of Lord Reynard Voltan, Duke of Volta.
5. Please see the newly published NERO 9th Edition Rules available at .

Volta Staff

Campaign Directors

Adam Elbirt, Tom Marston

Campaign Writers

Kristin Athanasiou, Doal Bartlett, Brent Desmarais,
Gabrielle Kilponen, Jade Marston, James Marston

Campaign EMT

Alex Vath

Getting to Camp Clara Barton

From Boston: Take the Mass Pike West to the AUBURN exit (#10).
**After the tollbooths, take the ramp on the right marked Route 12 South. Follow Route 12 South through three sets of traffic lights. Bear left at the fourth set of lights (by Wal-Mart and Cumberland Farms).
++ Proceed 1.2 miles. You will pass St. Ann’s Church on your left. Shortly after St. Ann’s, CLARA BARTON ROAD will be on your right. Turn right onto Clara Barton Road and proceed .7 miles. The George and Marie Chabot Health and Education Center parking lot will be on your right (approximately 1 hour from Boston with no traffic).

From Springfield and West: Take Mass Pike East to the AUBURN exit (#10), and follow directions above, from the asterisk (**) (approximately 50 minutes from Springfield with no traffic).

From Hartford: Take Route 84 East into Massachusetts. Take exit for Route 20 East (Worcester). Proceed on Route 20 through eight traffic lights (you will be on Route 20 for about 10.5 miles). At the ninth light, (next to a Shell gas station) turn right onto Route 56 South. Bear right onto ENNIS RD. At the first stop sign, turn left. The George and Marie Chabot Health and Education Center is on your left (approximately 1 hour from Hartford with no traffic).

From New York City: Take Route 95 North to Route 91 North to Route 84 East. Follow directions from Hartford.

From Westchester/Putnam County Area: Take Route 684 North to Route 84 East. Follow directions from Hartford (approximately 2.5 to 3 hours from NYC area with no traffic).

From Worcester: Take Route 290 West to Route 20 West (the first exit after the Mass Pike). Take Route 20 through four traffic lights. At the fifth light, take a left onto Route 12 South (by Wal-Mart and Cumberland Farms). Follow directions from Boston, beginning with the plus signs (++) (approximately 20 minutes from Worcester with no traffic).

From Providence: Take Route 146 North. Take exit marked Central Turnpike. At the end of the ramp, turn left. Proceed for approximately 10 minutes crossing over Route 395 to Oxford Center. At the first traffic light, take a right. This is Route 12 North; proceed for approximately 3 miles. Take a left onto CLARA BARTON ROAD (watch for the sign for Clara Barton Birthplace and North Oxford Carpet Mills). Proceed 0.7 miles to the top of the hill. The Health and Education Center will be on your right (approximately 50 minutes from Providence with no traffic).
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