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Cyber Monday NERO SWV & NERO KY
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Sun Nov 25 2012, 05:11PM
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NERO SWV's Online LARP Store is having a Cyber Monday Sale Monday, November 26, 2012 on everything from game supplies to latex weapons. Get a 10% discount on all purchases over $10.

Also, per a sanctioned international play test we are a approved to sell magical items. These are useful in game, cheap and cannot be "rogued". (They make a great holiday gift idea since they can also be gifted to other players or be great stocking stuffers!)

Components: 1 for $0.50 with a max limit of 100 a year
Potions: 4 for $1.00 with no annual limit
Elixirs: 4 for $1.00 with no annual limit
Celestial Scrolls: 4 for $1.00 with no annual limit
Formal Magic Scrolls: $15 base (1 time use) for additional "times ever" add $5 with no annual limit on how many can be purchased.
Custom Made Shields: $40 with no annual limit
Spell Packets: 1 for $0.50 with no annual limit

Examples of these items can be found here:

Unrestricted Magical Items: $20 base price. Price varies since they are specialty items from jewelry to weapons with a max limit of two a year. These are bar coded for the player. The current magical items for sale are listed here on our Facebook page.

I really hope this was helpful and if you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to message us or email swvnero┬ę

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