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Some nice monster costumes
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Thu Jan 05 2012, 05:57PM
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Hi gang,

As the new chapter on the block, and in an effort to try and present some of the things we are bringing to the NERO table, I thought I'd share some of the monster costumes we've had at some of our other games in another LARP. The artisans who created these costumes have been part of our staff throughout the years and most continue their affiliation with our productions into the NERO world. Come visit us once we get off the ground here in St Louis!

This is Cuddles the Stone Golem. He appeared at a Knoblander VIII. He has made a few other appearances since then but is sadly no longer with us. The created, Sir Teth from the Rising Winds had to give him up in a law suit with a Haunted House in Loiusville, KY. Our Production Staff Manager, Roy Bowen currently producing a new Cuddles for the new NERO MO season.

This is another shot of Cuddles to give you an idea as to its height. The gentleman on the left of Cuddles as you look at it (Cuddle's right) is roughly 5 ft 10" tall.

A buckshot of Cuddles to give you an idea of the detail Sir Teth put into the creature.

The Tree Ent from the Discord event. Created by Justin Baker (Sir Heydeez) who has done a lot of work for us and continues his affiliation with the NERO MO production team.

The Phoenix from the Knobalnder X event. Another of Justin's creations, this one was a more simple helmet design made with foam and plastidip sculpture.

This is a beholder from Knoblander X. Again, another of Justin's plasti-dip creations. This was probably the most fun critter I've seen hit the field.

This is the Frost Giant Jarl from the Keep on the Borderlands 2 event in Illinois. The creator of this giant is Mosley Def from the Rising Winds. Mosley isn't on our staff but I wanted to include it as an idea of what is our standard "big boss" kind of production value.

Any questions or comments, feel free to post em!


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Fri Jan 06 2012, 07:33PM
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These are awesome. I look forward to seeing what else you come up with.
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