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Unable to access website/forum from home computer
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Mon Jan 07 2013, 02:13PM
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I cannot get to the site at all, forums or otherwise from my home machine. I've switched browsers and cleared cookies and all of that. I used to get a 503 error, but now the page just doesn't load.

Help? (I can logon on my work computer just fine.)
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Tue Jan 08 2013, 03:47PM
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Very odd. Do you have a firewall set up? Have you run a virus scan lately?
I was going to offer a couple other solutions but none seem to work. https:// and IP browsing are not working for some reason.
You mentioned clearing cookies. You may want to clear your entire cache, not just the cookies. Which browsers did you try. Try these three, and I would think you'll have luck with at least one. Google Chrome, Internet explorer and Firefox.
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Tue Jan 08 2013, 04:57PM
NERO International Staff
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I recall that I had something similar happen to me. This was a profile issue on the server and they needed to look into my access groups. I'm not sure what was done to resolve it. I think Adam Taylor fixed it though.
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Tue Jan 08 2013, 09:44PM
Dark Lord of NERO

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There is an issue when someone only halfway adds you to classes. However, this is an account issue, so if this was the issue, you would have issues regardless of the computer you used.

All I can think of is that you may be IP banned. Have you ever forgotten your password and attempted to login a ton of times? Ten failed login attempts from the same IP will get that IP banned.

In fact, do me a favor and get on the computer that can't reach the site, and then go to Google and type in "what is my ip address?". Give me those numbers, and I will check if it's on our auto-ban list.

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