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Atlas Beetle Scavenger costuming ideas
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Wed Feb 08 2012, 08:05AM
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So I really want to play an Atlas Beetle Scavenger, but I'm not entirely sure how to phys rep the shell while keeping it safe for combat. The majority of the torso will be pieces of a black plastic trash bin cut and formed to the shapes I want, and then attached to/around black underarmor.

Has anyone ever made an insectoid scavenger or have tips on how I could phys rep one?
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Fri Feb 17 2012, 05:53PM
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I would suggest getting a backback (or something similar) and then attaching it to the outside with camp foam cut in the shapes you'd want. Camp foam can be found at Walmart and is the blue mat that you put underneath a sleeping bag when it's on the ground. You can generally cut and shape it how you'd like. After that I'd spray the whole foam pice with the spray Plastidip in a can. It's black and you can get that from Home Depot relatively cheap. The Plastidip will retain the texture of the foam (giving it a good texture for a shell) and works as a latex alternative. After that you'd have a back piece that's completely boffer safe
and really light.

Instead of a backpack can also just make a cushion in the general shape you want with some arm straps. The backback just means it can double as storage.

[ Edited Fri Feb 17 2012, 05:54PM ]
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Fri Feb 17 2012, 10:38PM
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We have beetle monster and I created a shell for them.

1) get a cheap backpack that will fit you. Not the pure plastic ones
2) get a round plastic sled
3) fill the backpack with ridged insulation foam (around here it's pink)
4) position the shell over the backpack (helps if you have a friend)
5) drill two holes through the sled and backpack. Cap them off with washers and nuts.
6) decorate: Accent with foam, paint, what have you. We have "shower cap" cloth covers that go over ours so we can change what they are from a black beetle to a turtle.
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Mon Feb 20 2012, 07:35AM
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I had not thought of using the spray plastidip or a backpack. It now dawns on me that I had not integrated pockets for my character sheet into my original plan. After re-evaluation I have decided to not include the shoulder blade horns and will more than likely base it around the sled and spray the parts with plastidip.
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Mon Feb 20 2012, 03:32PM
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This sounds cool, but as a devils advocate. What type of climate are you playing in? Will you be able to tell if you are being hit, with both packets and weapons? what will you mobility be like? Be sure all of these things are taken into account as well.
Those things aside I really want to see this.
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