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Recent Goblin Point Proposal Thread & NERO Related Discussion Thread
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Mon Feb 27 2012, 05:53PM
NERO International Staff
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There are policies in place for the right ways to go about things. If your Chapter Owner (or representative) is not participating, then they are doing themselves and you a disservice. How can anyone complain about something if they never speak up? It’s not the lack of caring on the part of NERO, but a lack of participation of the part of those at the local level. There are some owners who routinely practice a policy of avoidance. How is this good for anyone? This is true regardless of if they “got burned” in the past or are “fed up” with how things are run.

Keep in mind also that saying “I HATE THIS!” or “THAT SUCKS!” is unhelpful. Be thoughtful and take some time to come up with some solutions. Try and think of many solutions instead of just one, that way choices can be made. (I say this for anyone reading this)

As an owner myself (albeit a new one) I can assure you that I am absolutely interested in ANYTHING my players have to say about NERO or LARP. You can bet that if they have good ideas, we’ll talk about them and make sure it gets submitted to National. Not every idea is a good one, and people need to understand that. I’m certainly not perfect and neither are any of the people that run local chapters or the national game. When everyone participates, it (should) limit bad ideas from getting implemented, and prevent Group-Think (which as we all know is filled with doom).

I encourage every player to contact their chapter owner (or rep) and be heard; just like with politics, because let’s face it NERO has politics. When a policy comes out which is still being decided on (or even if it has been decided) let your chapter owner know if you don’t like it. Some polices can be changed and even reversed if there is enough opposition.

Transparency – This is certainly the latest of the “buzz words” to creep into the social vernacular. Look, this is just something that is unlikely to ever happen. Transparency takes a lot of extra effort and additional time. Things ALREADY move very slowly as-is.

The so-called ‘Good-ol-boy’ system – This happens at every level of the game. Joe is never going to put someone who is unproven or is hostile to him or NERO. Neither would your local chapter owner put someone they cannot work with on their local staff (I know I wouldn't). The fact of the matter is that people who support the owners of the game and get in good with them get appointed to positions of trust. If someone is a jerk, why would anyone want them on their team?

Once upon a time the only National Staff people were all on the East-Coast, at least that is no longer the case. So some progress has been made.

As an aside, please allow me to point out that while I’m a Chapter Owner, I’m not part of any National position or group (as of yet). My musings here are just that, my thoughts on the topic. I encourage you to form your own opinions and to express them, because in this way everyone gets to win from a stronger and more meaningful discussion which ultimately results in a better product.
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Mon Feb 27 2012, 09:27PM
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Jason has said so many things I agree with, and in a much better way than I would have.

National wants to hear your opinions. We want your imput. We want you to use these forums.

New Policies have to be reviewed by Owner's first. That is the deal Joe has with the owners. Airing a policy that has not gone through this process will not be as productive, because the policy draft may change drastically. However, if you want to discuss the basics go ahead! I'll start another thread for goblin.

As for censorship...

Most of the people I know avoided the old Nero forums because it was full of gripes and hostility. They saw it as a cesspool of negativity. Now the forums have been "cleaned up", perhaps too much, and we are having the same effect- people are not using them because they want an open and honest discussion.

I have faith that we will find a happy medium for this dilemma, but only if we keep on trying. Saying "I'm not going to use the forums because of X" is counter-productive. Rather say, I am not sure if I want to discuss this... but let me try anyway. I am sure if what is said can be said without hostility then it will be left alone.
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Mon Feb 27 2012, 10:52PM
Dark Lord of the Interwebz

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AsheBlackfist wrote ...

National policy is created by Joe and his department heads, and then pushed to the chapter owners for discussions/changes. After awhile, they get pushed to the players for the same, but by then, they are pretty much finished by this point(so you need to trust your chapter owners to have your best interests at heart).

At the end of the day, if you don't play, you can't win. If you or your chapter owner is so "fed up" with national that you refuse to participate in these discussions, then you have no ground to stand on when the policy moves forward without your input.

You just totally contradicted yourself. Your first paragraph you say that we need to trust that our chapter owners have our best interests at heart and we have very little say in the finished product. In the second, you talk about us refusing to participating? You make it sound like every should buy a chapter to have a say in policy. Which, by the way, I did distinguish between in my post.

The fact that the transparency issue wasn't addressed speaks volumes.

I have outlined the process in which the policies are made. First, they go to chapter owners, then they go to the public. At each level, those people participate. If there are chapter owners who have a beef with national, and refuse to participate in these forums or other venues of decision making to spite national, then they are losing out on the only way they can influence change within the system.

The same goes for the average player who comes into play AFTER the chapter owners have discussed the policy. If you believe that a player deserves as much say as a chapter owner, you are wrong. A chapter owner has chosen to make a HUGE financial investment into the game, and has taken great financial risk on a business that historically isn't very profitable(most do it for the love of the game, not because they want to be the richest LARPers in history). Decisions made at the national level don't just affect how much fun you have playing your rogue, they also affect whether a chapter can keep its doors open in the long run.

So, yes, chapter owners get a bigger say in things than you do, as an individual. You should be voicing your opinion on these policies with your chapter owner, so that they will echo your views when discussing at the national level. If your chapter isn't participating in the discussion, then you should push your owner to participate, and ensure they know how important these issues are to you.

That being said, eventually the policies do go to the general public for discussion, but by then, they are about 90% solid. A few changes here and there, some typo corrections, and a few clarifications will happen, but for the most part, the meat of the policy is decided by this point, based on input from your chapter owners.

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Mon Feb 27 2012, 11:16PM
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The problem with this policy system is that you are making a LARGE assumption that the Owner "plays" the same game that their players do. That is not always the case as seen when a policy is brought forward to the players at large and we go OMFG what the hell are you guys thinking.
Remember that your players ARE whats good for your game. Just because you do not like something does not mean we do.
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Tue Feb 28 2012, 03:13AM
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Frog wrote ...

The problem with this policy system is that you are making a LARGE assumption that the Owner "plays" the same game that their players do. That is not always the case as seen when a policy is brought forward to the players at large and we go OMFG what the hell are you guys thinking.
Remember that your players ARE whats good for your game. Just because you do not like something does not mean we do.

As an owner; I must say IMO that if you aren't playing the game (and trying to be a normal player while doing it) you aren't helping your game.
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Tue Feb 28 2012, 01:40PM
Joseph Valenti

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Actually, we make the nero larp forums available to any chapter that does not have a local forums. We will gladly setup a forum on the nero national site for any chapter that asks.
we also buy the chapters web domain and place the website on our servers at no cost, or if a chapter wants to buy thier own website and/or have it hosted somewhere else, we are ok with that.
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Tue Feb 28 2012, 01:42PM
Joseph Valenti

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It is True.
The NERO Office has a website where it promotes all LARPS on it – Http://

If a NERO Member sees the link banner and decides to see what other games is out there, they will learn that NERO LARP has sponsored a website that lists all of the LARPS and Foam Fighting Societies.

NERO National is one of many Foam Fighting Societies and LARPS that communicate and collaborate – we work together when possible - for the betterment of the LARP industry as a whole.

With all that said ….
None of the 1000 people mentioned above come to the NERO LARP Forums and promote their non-nero website without first making sure if it’s ok. Nor do I do that to them.

Joseph Valenti
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