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Thu Apr 04 2013, 02:27AM
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One of the strengths of NERO's system was the tangible risks to your character. The NERO War stories still told today are based on Heroic deeds (good and evil) because their actions tempted fate and threatened the very existence of the Hero/Villain.

I would be concerned that removing the ultimate risk would cheapen the overall game experience and reduce Heroism to a common event with no real impact or importance since neither the Hero, Villain or Damsel stand to lose much of anything.

I have been out of the Larping world for over 10 years so maybe the culture has changed and I am clinging to the ghosts of past. Rules changes were never easy and I don't envy the National Committee task of modernizing a game designed 20+ years ago.

It is cool to see that NERO is still around after all the these years even in its changed form.

Mark Ginnetty


ex Nero Mass GM and Princeslayer.

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Mon May 06 2013, 10:55PM
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Personally, I'm not entirely against the new rules, but I think they need a LOT of work still and should still punish those that die without completely wrecking the work they put into the game. If I Perm, I will die, but transfer all the points they allow into a new character. But I shouldn't be allowed to have 70% build AND faster build, that's just to much. Let's keep it reasonable people.
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Thu Feb 13 2014, 11:41PM
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Since it's past the year and a month from when this started, what is the effect of pulling a black bead now?
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Tue Mar 25 2014, 10:22PM
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I must second the question. I am updating our materials for our season opener and about to update the Death Summary Sheet to make sure we do things right. Do I just replace 2013 with 2014, are the set of options reduced, is it all back to the book? I am good with trying anything but I do want to do the right thing. We had one death under the Playtest rules and having the details nailed down is pretty critical.
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