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Costuming question
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Sun Aug 14 2011, 05:49PM
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Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right subforum but here it goes, if you wear leather armor thats designed to look like plate does it count for plate during the events or is it just leather.
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Mon Aug 15 2011, 06:18PM
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We've allowed plate made of cardboard, so probably is the best answer. It'd have to look like metal armor and it'd still be up to the individual chapter as to it's armor value.
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Mon Aug 15 2011, 07:08PM
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The short answer is no, maybe.

The somewhat longer answer is that much depends on how much it looks like plate. By the 9th edition rules if it looks like leather then it counts as leather armor. In order to count as plate armor it must be a rigid material that does not easily deform, or be of a material that accurately recreates the look of plate. Obviously those definitions have a fair bit of subjectivity to them.

In the end the final determination of how to classify various pieces of armor will be up to the individual marshal who evaluates it at each chapter. It is possible for you to get different rulings at different chapters. Given that armor is typically a non-trivial expense in terms of either money or time to make I would suggest holding off on it until you have had a chance to personally speak to the weapon marshal at whatever chapter you intend to play. After you have a good idea of what the local standard is for armor you can make a much better and informed choice in what you wish to buy or make, and possibly save yourself a lot of disappointment.
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Mon Aug 15 2011, 11:21PM
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if people can get away with cloth that looks vaguely serrated, and pretend like that is chainmail, then I'd have to say your leather that looks like plate has a shot.
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Tue Aug 16 2011, 01:48PM
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I could rant on this subject for days...I will try to keep it down a bit.

I personally believe in upgrading armor values in certain cases.
If you have a heavy leather suit of armor compared to a duct tape and cardboard suit of "plate" I would be likely to give you plate armor value, as it is probably more protective than the cardboard.

I love and hate the playtest/9th edition armor suites.
8th edition had a good and reasonable system for giving bonuses based on thickness and additions.
The problems:
1. The values weren't high enough to encourage much armor usage, especially at high levels.
2. It was a pain in the butt to do all the math to add up your armor value.

To address number 1, the armor values have been increased significantly (with the exception of leather which actually got a lower max value). I do kind of like that you have to get wear extra armor now instead of auto granting max armor to everyone. I knew of a LOT of fighters that had 8-20 body but had 50 point suits of armor. It is hard to stat crunchies against that.

For number 2 the math is so much easier now, and it takes just a few moments to determine the value. No more measuring etc.

I am almost in favor of doing away with giving different values for different types of armor. Either that or giving bonuses for using real armor grade materials. I know this was brought up a long time ago on the old forums. But I think it is something that should be addressed again. Maybe I will propose a playtest or something.

ok...done rambling...for now

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Wed Aug 17 2011, 01:55PM
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As an armor marshal for our chapter, I will note that I give plate to any rigid leather, whether it's made to look like plate or not. Soft leather still only gets leather.
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Tue Jan 17 2012, 12:53AM
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My group allows this type of armor among other things. Defense points vary based on the degree of armor. As motivation for warriors to make/buy something more realistic. I recently saw two guys make some great armor from pickle barrels! Turned out great minus the musky smell. ha.
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