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NERO Vanguard 2013 Season Opener March 1st
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Fri Feb 15 2013, 01:37PM
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Who: NERO Vanguard Plot Team
What: Our March full weekend (2 day) event
Where: Camp Wokanda
620 Boy Scout Rd., Chillicothe, IL 61523
When: 10pm March 1st - 10am March 3rd
Why: Event Teaser - March 1st-3rd, 2013

"The quiet nights are uneasy as whispers trail through the black.

Many are worried about the rumored activity and smoke still rising from the crater of old Kingsport. Ships still refuse to sail near the old docks.

Rumors of people vanishing in the night grow each month. Dark figures can been seen moving at all hours.

Builders work diligently to reforge the city of Hartdale. The construction is brought to a near immediate halt by a deep fog rolling over the banks of Lake Maji.

Wild races are seen stirring to the north. They have not yet left our borders and are sticking to the ground like frost.

The stars burn brighter with a malevolent light shining down on to all of Tyrra. Familiar constellations can no longer be seen. All of magic appears to be at a state of unrest.

The fear of the unknown is petrifying."

Come see us for the remaining 2013 Schedule:
March 29-31
*May 10-12 (ridge cabins and lodge)
June 7-9
July 19-21
*August 30- Sept 1
October 11-13
November 8-10
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Sat Feb 23 2013, 03:26AM
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NERO Vanguard is looking for NPCs. As always NPCing is FREE and FUN! A full time NPC for NERO Vanguard can look forward to full experience blanket for that event along with full max out of that blanket and goblin point rewards for NPCing the weekend as well as for setup/tear down. Other benefits can be discussed on a case by case basis. Please do let us know if you are planning on NPCing for us by contacting us on out forums. Send us a personal message to our Plotteam account to let us know you are coming.

2013 events:
March 1st*, March 29th, May 10th, June 7th, July 19th*, August 30th*, October 11th, November 8th

NERO Vanguard Plot Team

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