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Discuss Goblin points!
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Sat Mar 24 2012, 08:09PM
Joseph Valenti

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1) Goblin point awards are 100% transferable to any player as long as the transfer of points occurs at the time of point distribution.
2) Items gotten with Goblin Points are unrestricted transference.
3) We have a goblin point tracking system that has worked well since 2004.
4) I know that 80% of the nero chapters are ok with using standardized goblin awards that are posted on the nerolarp site.
5) I know that 80% of the chapters give out reasonable rewards to people and 20% of the chapters give out whatever they want. I also know the long term ramifications that those 20% have to deal with.
6) There is no way to know if any owner or staff member is lying about the goblin points earned by a member – especially when they use their own member database and they do not adhere to the national goblin point policy.
7) With everyone using the same database, the cheaters are caught much quicker as red flags go up and questions are asked.

The problem we have right now is the same problem we have had since 1998 – there are a few chapter owners or staff members that think they know better than the rest of the nero owners, and they do not want to work with every other nero chapter to award nero members a standardized amount of goblin.

Put aside the $1 difference in materials cost between KS and MA (though all materials were bought online from OH and shipped to the buyer), and we still have the same problem.
--- A few chapters owners do not want to work with every other chapter owner to award nero members a standardized amount of goblin for their volunteer effort.
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Sat Mar 24 2012, 09:25PM
NERO International Staff
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I will comply with whatever goblin system is ultimately put forth. I feel we're very close to don't with this policy change. Please let's just get it done.
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Sat Mar 24 2012, 11:17PM
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jvalenti wrote ...

Put aside the $1 difference in materials cost between KS and MA (though all materials were bought online from OH and shipped to the buyer), and we still have the same problem.

Patently false. I don't know where you're getting this, but if ever LARPing material bought ever is from Ohio, that explains why there is a legitimate LARP community out there.
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Mon Apr 16 2012, 04:15PM
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I am a long-time LARPer that has played a few different games. I started playing NERO in the late 1990s, played heavily through the early 2000s, and recently started playing NERO again. I am a big donator, in terms of time and money, because it is fun to help and because of the rewards you can get. Without donators, LARPs could not function. The trick is, and always has been, balancing the rewards.

In another LARP I've played extensively, you could get only limited XP from donations/goblins--effectively one blanket per month. That alone would not be much of an incentive for big donators, because there's a cap on what you can get. But that game had a generous--some argued, ridiculous--exchange rate to get spirit locked magic items. The result was that everyone, even low level characters, had spirit locked magic swords, tens, or even hundreds, of magic item effects, etc. I've got no problem with a high magic game, if that is the consensus, but even I saw that system as broken.

When I came back to NERO, I loved that there was no magic item purchase policy for goblins, but rather an ability to buy more skills instead, via the weekly goblin blanketing. Skills should always be more important than trinkets, in my opinion. NERO's current system produces a more skill-focused game, and that is a good thing.

After playing the last 4 NERO Detroit events (which were outstanding, by the way!!), I can say that I like NERO's current system better than the alternative. Magic items are still unique and cool to find, because I can't walk in with a backpack full of them due to heavy donating. And yet, there is enough incentive for me to donate a lot due to the goblin blankets, which is good for the game.

Thus, I'd hate to see a cap on goblin blanketing. One blanket per character per week is good, because there is no ceiling on how many goblins I can put to use in a given month. If there is no ceiling, you give maximum incentive to donate a lot. By making blanketing decrease per character level (e.g., weekly up to level 10, bi-weekly from 10-20, etc.), or limiting them to only one character or once per month, there's less of an incentive to donate, which is bad for the game.

Likewise, an annual goblin reset is a bad thing, in my opinion, as is a max per year. The game will suffer if you do not give incentives to people to make regular and significant donations.

NERO Detroit's goblin production policy is a nice system. There, you can buy 1 level of production for 1 goblin for anything the character you are playing that weekend can produce, up to 100 goblins per event. If your character can't make it, it's 3 goblins per level of production. That's a nice addition of stock for craftsman, and gives some basics to non-craftsman, while not breaking the in-game economy. I'd like to see chapters be allowed to continue systems like this.

If you are going to change the system and allow goblins to buy magic items, there's a real risk the game will change dramatically. It can quickly become more about the tags on your ring than skills on your card, which is a shame. If it goes this way, though, I like the idea of putting a lower effect level on the item (maybe two?), or only allow certain effects. There has to be something special out there for PCs who spend the build and quest for the materials to make their own items. And I don't think it's good for the game to have a heavy donator player come in with a low level PC with stacks of goblin-bought items.

I like the idea of components being available, really solely because it is very hard to come by enough components to fuel cantrips. I am never going to play a magic item maker, but I love the ability to use healing pool, Tyrra's claw, and the like. Nothing is worse than having the skills on your card, though, and not the materials to use them. Having components available for goblin purchase would meet that need, while not imbalancing the game. If people were concerned about components being purchased too cheaply and used to make mega items, you could tweak the costs, or make them expire in a short time. I am fine with a short expiration, because I'll buy what I need to have fun with cantrips for the events I can play, as opposed to stock piling for a 5 effect item.

I am also a fan of some sort of goblin-to-gold exchange rate. Caps of exchange per month or per event are fine. But this is a way to get pocket money to buy production from other players, to save to buy a magic item from a PC or NPC, or to gamble away at dragon poker.

Joe W.


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[ Edited Mon Apr 16 2012, 04:17PM ]
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Wed Jun 27 2012, 05:22PM
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What is the status on an updated Goblin Point policy? I haven't seen anything on this in a while.
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Fri Jun 29 2012, 02:53AM
NERO International Staff
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It's still being discussed.
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