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Barbarians and Celestial magics
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Sat Mar 23 2013, 07:18PM
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I was reading up again on Barbarians, and I got a tad bit confused. Under their description it is stated they have a severe distrust of Celestial Defensives, in their 8th ed race packet it states that this is a requirement like makeup for other races. In the table with the races and their advantages/disadvantages it is not stated that they must refuse and abstain from Celestial defensives.

My question is, is their abstinence to Celestial Protectives a required racial feature or is it more for roleplay tips?
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Sun Mar 24 2013, 03:12AM
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I always took it as roleplay tips. And so many barbars I see will take it beyond that to include damage aura weapons and the like. But I have also seen the opposite. So from my point of view "rp only".
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Sun Mar 24 2013, 04:04AM
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I have seen it go both ways as well so i would say more of a "rp" tip
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Mon Mar 25 2013, 08:01PM
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I've always considered the distrust of Celestial Protectives to be a requirement. That said, it will be role-play only starting on April 1st.
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