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Tue Mar 26 2013, 02:44PM
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Hello there, my name is Rachel, and I am new to NERO MASS. I plan to attend the April 5-7 event as my first event, but first, I'd like to introduce myself.
I'll keep it brief.
I am a vegetarian otaku with a passion for writing. I love anime and manga of pretty much all types, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, LARPing, blogging, Fanfiction, fantasy and science fiction novels, writing, things that evoke emotional responses from me, peace, logic, Japan, Feudal Japan, martial arts, Japanese, fantasy, doujinshi, acting, discovery, immersive activities, puzzle solving, poetry, angst, romance (though I'm extremely picky), equality, openminded people, travel, salty or sweet foods, music, Kagamine Rin and Len, New Worlds, creativity, modesty, spring, Tokyo, Onsens, Japanese convenience stores, Akihabara, otaku, anime characters, happy endings, thrill, shock, katana, Ninja, Samurai, florescent yellow, purple, soft things, early mornings, camping, the world, outdoors, culture, lifestyle, immersion, following, leading, laughing, strength, willpower, diversity, and much, much more.
I am very excited to be joining your chapter!
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Tue Apr 16 2013, 02:58AM
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Hi! I'm new, too. What's your favorite manga?
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