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NERO Vanguard May 10th-12th Event
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Fri Apr 12 2013, 11:55AM
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Who: NERO Vanguard Plot Team
What: Our May full weekend (2 day) event
Where: Camp Wokanda
620 Boy Scout Rd., Chillicothe, IL 61523
Upper ridge cabins only *New Location*
When: 10pm May 10th - 10am May 12th
Why: Event Teaser - May 10th-12th, 2013

A slender robed gentleman adjusts his positioning and sits tall at an exquisite teak desk. Unraveled parchment spans the length of the desk. Fresh candles are placed within the silver candelabra, carefully lit as the previous one burns down. The robed figure reaches for his quill and dips it into the inkwell.

'Ready, my Lord' says the scribe.

A shadow moves across the parchment as a strong voice begins to speak...

'My friend, it has been too long. I send this this missive with great expectations. The time has come for us to put our differences aside and leave the past behind us. We both have much to offer the other. Let us help each other and grow stronger as a result of this alliance...'

The scribes dips the quill again and continues to transpose the missive. After what seems the better part of an hour, the quill comes to rest in the inkwell.

'Your seal, sire?' the scribe asks.

A ornate silver ring gently comes to rest upon the desk.

'Seal it and deliver it personally. I look forward to your return.'


A thundering echo rings through the halls as the robed gentlemen awaits outside the Great Hall. The sentries answer the call, unsuspecting of what awaits them. The large doors swing inward, a large Gryphon guards the robed figure.

'I have a missive for the Ric' the robed figure announces.

The sentries ready themselves as the robed figure removes his hood, revealing an elven male. The sentries, unable to speak, stand in disbelief. They quickly regain their composure, and sternly look upon the elf.

'Wait here' says the larger of the two.

The doors close as the word quickly spreads throughout the Great Hall. Gurath quickly makes his way to the Rics' chamber to announce their visitor.

'My Lord, there is an elf here to speak with you.'

The Ric's attention quickly shifts to Gurath.

'Did you say an elf?'

'Yes, my Lord, he has a Gryphon with him.'

The Ric quickly jumps to his feet overturning his ale in the process.

'Clean that up!' he yells as he makes his way out of his chambers.


An orc scurries through the darkness as fast as he can. The ember glow of a fire can be seen in the distance. He slows his pace as to not draw attention to himself as he closes in on the encampment. Scouting the edges, he realizes he has made his way to his destination. He gathers himself as well as his wits as he enters the clearing.

'I have grand news for one of you to present to the Emperor!'

A small contingent of goblinoids gather as their companion has returned. The excitement quickly turns to terror as he spins his tale amongst them.

A scuffle ensues as to which of them has to deliver the message to the Emperor.

A kobald is surrounded and reluctantly agrees to deliver what will most likely be his last report...
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