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The N00blet is Now Open!
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Wed Apr 17 2013, 12:21PM
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Hail and good morning, world!

I am pleased to announce that The N00blet is now open! I make basic and custom clothing for beginning LARPers, SCAdians, and ren faire enthusiasts (though I am soon branching out into cosplay). Most of my wares are made of repurposed materials, so for those items I only charge for labor.

Here are some examples of my OOAK ready-to-ship medieval items.

I am currently making a ton of ready-to-ship basic tunics. I don't have pictures yet, but they will typically run between 20 and 30 dollars.

And here are some of my made-to-order items, for the more experienced costumer. These are typically not made from repurposed materials, so I have to charge for labor and materials. However, each piece I make is hand finished (or in the case of a couple items, hand sewn) and it's your own unique garb!

Pictured are samples (read: my lord's garb).

(This one is entirely handsewn.)

The full portfolio is available on my Flickr, though many pieces are samples (marked). If you have any questions (yes, I do make surcoats, tabards, dresses, pants, hosen, skirts, and chemises, I just don't have pictures yet), feel free to message me here or on my Etsy (HERE). For those who dislike Etsy, I also have a Store Envy account (HERE). Use the code "enarmouredwithyou" until May 1st for 10% off.
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