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Back Story For The Chapter
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An old man stumbled towards Egonn. It is over there was truly nothing else that could be done. Egonn
knew in his heart this was the truth but it didn't make it any easier the village was burning his parents and
the villagers dead, and his sister well her fate was one worse then death locked away in crystallized stone
for eternity, and he had put her there. His eyes were wet with tears and as the old man went on and on
about what a noble thing he had done. He let his mind wonder back to the day this all started many months

“Egonn I've found something”, Elaina called. “Where are you brother you never do keep up. Its not my
fault you are smaller then me and can slip threw these rocks like a tiny field mouse, It takes more time
when to have to climb over them instead of squeezing threw.”

“What is it that you have found there?”

“A box! At least I think it is a box there is no opening only these strange markings. What do you suppose
they mean?” Elaina asked.

“I haven’t any idea, only thing I do know is that mother will have our hide if we do not finish gathering
eggs and get back.”

Elaina gazed at the box one last time and placed it in her pouch. In the weeks to follow Elaina kept the
box close to her constantly trying to open it and reveal its contents. Her family was worried for her she
was not the care free happy person she once was. Egonn along with his mother and father decided that it
would be best to take the box from Elaina and perhaps after it had been removed from her possession she
would return to herself. When Egonn approached her, she became very angry and in the struggle for the
box Elaina fell and cut her hand upon a rock. Seeing this made Egonn pause after all he loved his sister and
didn't want to see her hurt. This was all the time Elaina needed desperate for the box in Egonn's hands she
snatched it from his grasp. At that moment when her hand touched the box a great flash of light poured out
into the darkness. This knocked Egonn off his feet. When the light cleared he could see Elaina kneeling
over the box holding a large pendant. She whispered to her self “Of course why didn't I think if this earlier
the key was blood. It opened because of my blood Egonn see it was meant for me and no one else.” As she
lifted the pendant to her head Egonn screamed “NO DON'T PUT IT ON ELAI...”but it was to late.

Once the pendant was around her neck it let off a slight red glow and Egonn saw the red glow flash across
her eyes as her expression went blank. As he approached her slowly he reached out his hand to try and slip
the pendant off. Elaina turned her head towards him and with a slight nod she lifted him from the ground
and sent him whirling 30 feet away in to a tree. And with that she was gone.

They searched high and low for her everyday for the next month. Egonn went to consult with the elders
in the small village down the hill from their home. One elder told a story of a great evil that many years
ago set out to destroy this land and claim its ruins for his own. The Morga was the name given to it and it
was said that nothing but death and destruction was left in its wake. It fed off of life it self and great areas
of ground would be found blackened even the very color sucked from them. It took three very powerful
wizards to hunt the Morag down and corner him in a cave not far from here. There they fought a horrible
battle and two of the great wizards fell to the Morga and joined his ranks as servants. Upon realizing
his emending doom the Morga took up a small box and placing the pendant from around his neck in to it
screaming one day “I shall rise again and you will no longer be here to stop me!”, and with that the box
disappeared. The last remaining wizard bound the Morag and his followers in to the very stone of the
cave and upon leaving the cave hid its entrance to the world, forever hiding the dark secrets away or so he

Egonn now demanded to know where this cave was hidden and if the pendant could reveal and make the
entrance passable. Yes came the reply, and that was all Egonn needed to hear. He ran as fast as he could,
then getting to a bend in the road turned and yelled back to the old man “Tell my parents where I have
gone and gather the town, I am going to need all the help I can get!” The old man had explained where the
entrance to the cave once was and it made perfect sense, this is where she had found that horrid box. As he
approached he could hear chanting in a strange language but a familiar voice. It was Elaina as he sat there

trying to understand what he was saying the people from town arrived. The old man was very unsettled
“She’s started the ritual to release the Morga with him free we will have no chance he will sweep over the
lands like a plague. We must stop her at all cost.”

“What are you getting at old man? You’re not going to kill my sister, we are here to save her not end her.”

“She’s all ready gone it has gone to far there is no hope for her now, with out the pendant she will become
a husk and if she succeeds the Morga will surly kill her.”

“We must try to save her first and if it comes to it I will take the responsibility of it. I should have taken the
box from her that day.”

“Then it would be you standing here today saying these very words, not her” the old man said quietly.

“I am stronger!” yelled Egonn, “I could resist.”

“I have found that no one can say no when it comes down to it.” the old man said.

“You did” Egonn yelled back “How did you do it?”

A look of sorrow crossed his face as the old man replied. “The Morga wasn’t always as he is, no he once
was very much like me, once I called him brother. It is my thought that this is what saved me from his
attack where the others failed I triumphed because while the pendant is strong and dark since he was my
brother and of my blood it did not effect me in death while it still will do you immense harm, it can not kill
you. And it is this reason that you MUST be the one to confront her, Elaina is of your blood and you stand
the most chance of survival.”

At that very moment hoards of undead streamed from the cave. Most of the people from the small town
where farmers and gatherers who had never see a hard day’s battle in their life time and upon seeing the
atrocities spilling from the cave they ran. The mass of undead followed and from the screams Egonn knew
that those who fled would not survive the night. “We must hurry Egonn,” cried the old man, “She is almost
done if he rises not only this town but many others will fall.” Side by side they entered, and found Elaina
seemed to be expecting them.

This was a fight unlike any Egonn had ever experienced. He lost track of the old man as he disappeared in a
sea of undead. It was just him and Elaina his mind raced he tried to reason with her but it was soon clear to
him that this may be her body but it would never be her mind again. The old man returned he pointed to the
pendant around her neck “It must be removed before the binding ritual can began!” he cried out.

“Never!” Elaina yelled! Egonn lunged for her and she threw him in to the wall of the cave, only to see
Egonn rise and lunge for his sister again and again, being repulsed each time. It seemed like it went on for
hours, until at last Egonn didn’t get up and was still and motionless on the floor.

Elaina stopped and the smile disappeared from her face as from what remained of the girl she was realized
what she and done and from somewhere inside of her she felt remorse. She wandered closer to check.
Closer and closer still she crept to see if he was breathing until she stood directly over him. As she leaned
down and reached out to roll him over the pendant dangled just above Egonn’s head. Like a bolt of lighten
Egonn struck out ripping the pendant from her neck. At the sight of this the old man dropped to his knees
and began the binding ritual “Break it!” he bellowed.

Egonn smashed it against the rock walls and it fell into 3 pieces. Elaina’s screams became pleas she turned
to her brother begging for him to make it stop. This tore at his heart “Wait, without the pendant she can be
saved, stop the ritual!” Egonn yelled.

“Yes I can be saved listen to him old man!” Elaina pleaded along with her brother, “Egonn kill him its the
only way! Give me the pieces of the pendant I will hold them while you do it.” Egonn stood in silence as he
realized his sister would never say that even if it meant her life.

“Egonn,” the old man yelled, “Look at her neck!” Egonns eyes darted to where the pendant once hung in its
place was a dark mark that now glowed a dark red. “It will forever be with her and she is marked with the
mark of the Morga, she will forever be his look at all of the others here bound in stone with the Morga she
will have to remain with them or this fight will all be in vain!”

Egonn stepped away as the ritual ended. Elaina desperately lunged at Egonn trying to rip the pendant pieces
from his hand. She managed to grab one piece as the purple and blue smoke rose up around her. She began
to scream but before she could she was sucked up in to the smoke and when it cleared she stood there
bound in crystallized stone with the pendant piece still in her grasp.

Egonn come out of it, he herd a distance voice call. Slowly he slipped back in to the present. “Where will
you go?” The old man asked.

“Away from here” Egonn said.

“We must decide what to do with these two pieces of the pendant.”

“Burn them for all I care old man, I want nothing to do with them ever again!” he exclaimed.

“But that I am afraid is not your choice any more,” the old man replied. “If the pieces fall in to the wrong
hands this can happen again, if the pieces are held together they will become one, anyone that holds these
pieces pendant can walk through any barrier I can put up if they get in with the two pieces then they can
free the Morag and his followers. You must take one and I shall take one. You are in this just as much as
me now.”

Egonn took up his half of the burden and gathered what he could from the burning village. He was finished
packing at the first ray of sun that morning it gained its place in the sky but not before the moon had sunk.
The rays from the sun gave the moon a color of burning embers in a night’s fire. It was while he was lost
in this peace that he heard her. A baby was crying but from where he could not tell. Egonn ran towards
the crying sound, yelling out “Don’t stop, help me find you!” When he first saw her his heart jumped. A
little infant girl swaddled in wet blankets, no doubt her mother’s last attempt to save her from the fires of
that night. He unwrapped her and put her in his shirt. As he carried her to the wagon she looked up at the
moon and laughed. “You like that moon don’t you my little Ember? Now where will we go my little dear?
What shall you become? I say we travel the land and leave this place.” It wasn’t but a little while down the
road he came across a fellow traveler and offered him passage in his wagon. Upon reaching the destination
Egonn was paid handsomely by the traveler. While holding the gold filled pouch in his hand a smile came
upon him. “Well my little Ember I know what we are going to do with our lives” he laughed. And this is
how the Embers Moon Caravan was born.

In the beginning the Embers Moon Caravan traveled the land carrying travelers safely to their destination.
At each stop the caravan would stay for a week to rest and restock. The Embers Moon Caravan was a
small favor with one lead wagon and two others for passengers. Egonn, wise beyond his years and always
looking for a way to profit, bought a fourth wagon and turned it into a mobile Inn to serve the travelers
ale. He then employed a beggar woman to travel with him and run the tavern wagon. He then added a fifth
wagon, this time to sell all the items he had collected from near and far. The sixth and seventh wagons were
soon added by a family of gypsies, fourteen in all they could sing, they could dance, and they could play
a good game of cards, though only of course if you could pull them away from the tavern wagon. Seven
became twelve and then eighteen, and in the end the caravan stretched further then the eye could see. The
great caravan master looked out over his great sea of wealth and sighed. He grew wary of travel as he knew
many of the others did. But where could they settle?

The townsfolk welcomed them when they came but what would happen when they didn't leave? The
caravan group was an odd group indeed Gypsies, Scavengers of all types, half's of this and half's of that.
Each one out cast in there own ways. His eyes became glossy when he realized and with a whisper said to
him self there is no place for us. But with this thought a fire lit inside him. If there wasn’t a place for them
he would build one and he knew where he would build such a place.

He set the caravan in the correct direction but kept his plans a secret. He wished it to be a surprise for the
people of the caravan. When he rounded the bend and saw he ruins of his old town his heart felt heavy
with pains he hadn’t felt in a long time but this was for the good of his family and close friends That night
he called every one around the tables they had set for supper. “Hear me friends! For many years, far more
then I thought I would ever see and even less that I would have remembered we have traveled and lived
together, preformed and cried together. But I grow old and tired, you have all given me more then I ever
could have expected and for that it is time for me to give something back. I say it is time to stop. Let us
build here and set root. I no longer wish to be called Caravan Master for now until my death I wish to only
be called Egonn Airitate. Let us create our home and with these words so became the town of Embers

Old Egonn has long since ceased to be, but the traditions he set are still in motion today. In the middle of
town still sets his Lead Wagon as a great reminder of his vision, And every night the towns folk gather
around large tables for the nights last meal each bringing a dish to share with all. In the years since the
town has grown and small groups of towns people have broken off and created small villages in the
surrounding area, but once a year on the birthday of Embers Moon all of the smaller towns gather with the
towns people of Embers Moon to celebrate the life and legacy of a great man Egonn Airitate.

Egonn has been gone for many years and all has been quiet until now strange chanting can be herd and a
cave has appeared where there wasn’t one before. Egonn's grave has been pillaged and the ring he wore has
been taken, small areas around the cave have started to turn black as if color has been striped from them.
And horrible things have been happening in the town. Marionettes have come to life and torment the town.
undead walk the night and the wildlife have became restless. The call has come out for help. Now all the
towns people can do is wait will their calls for help be answered?
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