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NERO ARGO May 17-19
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Tue Apr 30 2013, 04:12PM
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Hi all,

ARGO will be holding our May 17-19 event at Camp Yough in Pennsylvania.

In Game, the Barony of Warminster has been clear of problems for almost a full year. Things are peaceful and joyous among the commoners that are returning to their homes.

The nearby Gypsy city of Katharos has been free for almost a full year and Mama Tyrra has been saved in the area. It is a time for family and merriment. The Gypsies of Greyhorn and beyond gather to discuss their past and their future.

The Fae seem to be in full swing as the summer fae celebrate the changing seasons and their changing fortunes.

Not everything is good however. Strange creatures have been seen on the edges of settlements. They appear to be goblinoids, but with peculiar mutations on their faces. People have been going missing for days. There are whispers that the slavers of Niman have returned. Other speak of long forgotten ruins in wilds.

We welcome any and all players to come out and join us. More information can be found on our website .


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Thu May 09 2013, 11:29PM
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Forgotten ruins, eh?...this is of interest.

James Sumner, Seeker of Ancient lore.
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