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New to NERO
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Sun May 12 2013, 09:04PM
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Salutations, everyone. I am new to NERO, though I have a long history of having LARPed in a White Wolf Games Minds Eye Theatre group for several years, on and off; and I have also spent several years in and out of the SCA. I grew up on tabletop RPGs, and have done theatre in Jr. High, High School, and College, so costumes, make-up and improve are nothing new to me.

I first heard about NERO at a Con Carolinas event some years back - it sounded interesting, but life at the time did not permit me to join in. Now, it seems I finally have both time and opportunity to look into NERO more and see if I think it will be a good outlet for myself.

I am looking forward to my first event later this month - barring any mishaps that prevent my attendance - at Kings Mountain National Park in SC. I have in mind what I want to play, and still have costumes and leather armor from my time in the SCA to use in NERO - but sadly, no boffer weapons!

Currently, I have more time than money - being between jobs - so I am looking into the rules for creating boffer weapons myself. I have downloaded the 9th issue of the NERO rules, and will be trying my hand at building a boffer according to those later - likely next month.

Looking forward to having fun later this month!
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Sun May 12 2013, 09:11PM
Slappy Mountain-Giant
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The awesome thing about boffers is that they are incredibly cheap to make, I think I've made two shortswords and a dagger for 10-15 dollars ( I am uncertain of the exact cost, given that it was a couple of years ago and my dad paid for it) and had materials to spare.
Thank you,
-Jacob Bissey/Slappy-
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Sun May 12 2013, 09:26PM
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Heh - I have a Nerf battle ax; was wondering if it would pass weapon inspection? LOL. If not, no worries - I'll scrape together a few bucks and create a boffer weapon or two before my next event.
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Mon May 13 2013, 02:54AM
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Most Boffers are not hard to make, but I would suggest meeting a veteran "sword smith" before the event. Sometimes it's the little details that hang you up. Like a too soft tip or a too short handle. Also, while pool noodles are cheap, they do break down quicker than any other foam. If your on a budget, that might just have to suffice, but make two in case one doesn't pass inspection, and preferably bring a friend with a spare. My local chapter up near Pittsburgh (ARGO) usually has loaners, but I don't know about your group. Oh,and welcome to the fold! I'm sure your skills will be much appreciated in Nero!
Safe travels, my friend.
James Sumner.

[ Edited Sat May 25 2013, 05:22PM ]
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