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Peace Between Greyhorn and Dalantia
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Tue May 14 2013, 02:45AM
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The following proclamation is distributed to every nation in the Accords of Avalon, and every Duchy of Evendarr:

Let it be known that on this, the 9th of May in the 613th year since the foundation of Evendarr that the following is announced publicly.

First, let it be known that a meeting between His Grace, Sir Gerard Harcourt, Duke of the Duchy of Greyhorn within the Kingdom of Evendarr, and Her Majesty, Queen Senta Turk'vos Dalantano, Ilia of Dalantia has taken place to ensure the safety and prosperity of the people of their respective lands. During this meeting, and the gatherings held in Greyhorn and Dalantia, the following items were discussed and decided upon. Any questions regarding these items may be brought to the attention of their respective nobility through the proper channels.

Second, it has been decided that the Warrants of Arrest regarding the following adventurers posted by Count Crie Kris'alis Snillor are now null and void. Sir Faustus Evermore, Captain Silas Ambrose, Sir Grogg, Grom, Unseo, Xilas Walker, Arro, and Sir Doodle are cleared of all charges and are protected by all laws of the Accords of Avalon and their member nations. It should be noted that any who wish to post "bounties" for any person protected by the laws of the Accords of Avalon or that would attack someone to turn in such a bounty will be charged with Assassination and brought to justice.

Third, Her Majesty Queen Senta Turk'vos Dalantano and her people are concerned for the safety and well being of their people from possible reprisal from those who were wanted within the lands of Dalantia. To ease her concern, Her Majesty has decided to exile those whose names were upon the now null and void warrants of arrest. If these people wish to enter the lands of Dalantia, they may do so by speaking with a representative of Her Majesty to discuss the safety of all people of her Kingdom. Her Majesty has the final say in regards to dropping these exile effects.

Fourth, through his own actions, Count Crie Kris'alis Snillor of the lands of Dalantia was brought up on charges and accepted his punishments promptly and with honor. With these punishments dealt, Crie is considered a free man and may travel his homeland safe from reprisal.

For the right and the good of all people within the Accords of Avalon,

Count Korbin Vineweaver
Southern Greyhorn
Principality of Northmarch
Kingdom of Evendarr
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