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2013, Event 2, Teaser 2
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Tue May 21 2013, 03:59AM
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Words from a Wanderer...

So much to tell, where should I start? Let's see...
Looks like the Artificer was working with the condemned (and now thoroughly executed!) Green Lady and Fool. He escaped retribution, but rumor has it he may end up on trial and convicted of the same crimes that took not only the lives but the afterlives of that rascally law breaking Fae couple!

Problems arise, however as Faranan is still lost to Mortal Love and awaiting the freeing of her ever loving (even after she tried to cut off his head oh-so-long ago!) Husband, the Cursed Morathel and her brothers are busy with their own Twilight Court... leaving the Summer Throne bare and ripe for the plucking if she doesn't step on up to claim it.

Meanwhile, that rascally yet helpful being known as "Kit" seems to be incommunicado. Romor has it her father was taken by the Artificer's minions at the Battle for the Afterlife of the Fool and Green Lady. This remains unconfirmed, but it is very obvious she's Hunting someone or something out there!

The Barrowheart has been remarkably quiet lately. In fact, one would almost think them a regular Kingdom these days. With Morathel in a coma and the Queen Regent Angelique hard at work they have been peaceful and industrious. Wierd, I know, for a land of the mostly Undead. Their help was greatly appreciated during the recent Plague, as they could neither contract nor spread the disease.

Rumor has it she even made the leader of her Lycanthropic mercenary body guards an actual Knight to her for his loyal service in going above and beyond his contracted services in keeping her alive lately, but I have no confirmation on that as of yet.

The mixed group of Gypsies who generally make their home in Celtios (including the De Souza clan and a few "strays") are planning a Way Meet at the upcoming gathering in Celtios. Rumor says Prince Stephanos (Not to be confused with Avendale's Stephanos) may make an appearance, which should prove fun! Other notables of the Gypsy persuasion remain incommunicado at this time, but who knows... maybe they'll come out of hiding for the party!

There are still just OODLES of poor little kiddies having emotional issues out there. Don't know much about it, but it looks like a sad and empty life awaits them in the future if someone doesn't find a way of making them right again!

That's all for now, kiddies, so until next time... stay safe and enjoy life!
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