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2013, Event 2, Teaser 3
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Tue May 21 2013, 04:47AM
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(Posted within every tavern along the King’s Road)

From Lord Azrael Rith’rilyn, Guildmaster of the Celestial Guild of Kaurath

Greetings to all who may read this, I am Azrael Rith’rilyn, Guildmaster of the Celestial Guild of the Kaurathel. The Celestial Guild of Kaurath is looking for any and all individuals interested in furthering their knowledge of magic and is seeking to recruit a new generation of members. With the backing of the Crown, the Guild will provide services to its members in return for services from its members who are willing further the basis of knowledge and understanding within the guild and by association, the Nine Kingdoms. The guild is interested in recruiting members who share a similar curiosity in magic as well as individuals who wish to take an active stance in combating any magical force deemed threatening by the Kaurathel. Anyone interested may speak with me personally at the upcoming gather within Celtios. The Guild is located across from the Healers Guild and adjacent to Royal Academy.

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