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2013, Event 2, Teaser 4
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Tue May 21 2013, 10:28PM
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Any Karauthi Citizen who wishes to either remain on the Noble Path or wishes to enter it should announce their intentions to High Lord Magistrate Alric Stark during the next Gathering in the Gatetown of Celtios. Those who wish to travel this Path must first find a Noble Sponsor. Candidates on the Path are a reflection of the Sponsor so Nobles who give their blessings should consider this prior to endorsing a Candidate. A Noble may only sponsor one Candidate at a time and the Candidate must be of lesser Title. This testing will not just be of skill with a sword arm, or the knowledge of magic it is a test of your ability to lead, to reason and most importantly live by the Luvata Kansa. Not all who attempt this Path will be successful. To fail in this task is no dishonor, but it is to realize that you may not be best suited to lead the people of Karauth as a Noble. To be successful is to understand you now bear a duty that has great weight and responsibility. Your life is no longer your own, but pledged to the lands and people of Karauth. I wish luck to those who still wish to take on this responsibility.

By My Hand,

High Lord Magistrate Alric Stark
Lord Protector of the Lands and People of Haltia
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Sun May 26 2013, 05:59AM
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Greetings High Magistrate Alric Stark,

I just want to make it known that. I will be traveling to Celtios this coming gathering. I am not coming as Evendarr Royal Marine Officer but on a more personal journey. I am showing respect to strong allies in the north. My services will be available to aid the gathering.

Peace be with you my lord,

Captain Suikoden Silvermoon Aklas
Evendarr Royal Marine Commander
7th Ravenholt Regiment Capulus
In the service of Sir Purdue of Ravenholt
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