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The new changes
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Wed May 29 2013, 12:16AM
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I have heard conflicting reports. Have all the new changes been implemented? I know that some of them have, specifically getting rid of permanent death, racial skills, buying build etc. But I was under the impression that there was a hold put on some of the changes in that long packet that was posted, such as the removal of cloak/bane and the inability to use gating magic in a non-evendarrian setting.

Am I correct in these assumptions? Have all the changes that have gone into effect, been addressed individually?
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Wed May 29 2013, 08:21AM
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No perm death and a buy back perm dead characters was implemented. A new racials package is currently in playtest. Buying build was implemented, but is very limited.

That's it.

There was no "no gating in non-evendaar setting" package. You are confusing it with the portals between kingdoms package.

And yes, they have been addressed. ad nauseum.

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Tue Jul 23 2013, 02:51AM
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Anwser discovered

[ Edited Tue Jul 23 2013, 03:05AM ]
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Fri Jul 26 2013, 07:22PM
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Said racial play test; is this mandatory (and thus not really a play test)? The database only supports the new skills.
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Fri Jul 26 2013, 07:29PM
Rowell Ka'taan
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The old racials are turned off in the database. They can be brought back, if the current racials playtest is concluded to be a "no go".
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Fri Jul 26 2013, 09:27PM
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Noted. Whom is overseeing this play test? I have some suggested changes I'd like to discuss.
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Fri Jul 26 2013, 10:45PM
Jonathan Schneider

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Probably the rules committee.
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Sat Jul 27 2013, 06:55AM
Joseph Valenti

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Hi Everyone

Al, to answer your question, the nero national rules council is in charge of the expanded race abilities playtest, which is mandatory for all chapters to use. It is a replacement / enhancement to our previous race abilities system.

I am leading the rules council, and have 5 20-year nero members on the team. We are becoming more formalized in August as we've planned, and once we determine if we'll be releasing everyone's names or not we'll be focusing on gathering the chapters play-test rule for standardization and inclusion among all chapters, and we'll be spending the November and December and January months finalizing the alterations to the Rae Abilities expansion, fixing the traits or skills that we've all decided are a bit too weak and or just need a boost, etc.

You can send your suggestions to me directly at joenerovalenti AT and by end of august we should have a good solid handle on the new contact-us online form that will include contacting rules group and that will go to the entire rules group instead of me to be forwarded. we've been adding many more director and managers that are empowered to make decisions without my direct approval anymore so we can insure things do not bottle neck on me anymore due to our size and shear number of projects we have in flight that I can't even dream of successfully managing.

We have shadow and dragon magic ion progress, and heirlooms, artifacts and relics system in progress, and we are re-releasing the societies and the iron gate adventuring academy, nearly finished setting up the member survey system in the new online DB, and a bunch more coming out, and so I am really excited.
We need pictures, pictures for our books, and our other publications. we need a graphics and picture director.

Joseph Valenti
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Fri Aug 09 2013, 02:39AM
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Haven't forgotten this, just been a stressful last week or two. I'm going to put my thoughts in order before sending off my suggestion.
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