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Evendarr Princes Meet to Discuss Line of Succession
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Wed May 29 2013, 03:15PM
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The following article is posted and republished in various places where your character can access it:

The Princes of Evendarr met during the last week in April 613 in the charming setting of Ithiel, Kitheria, seat of the renowned Kitheria School of Art, to discuss the royal line of succession. After the Traitor Ormsby’s recent attempt to steal the throne, Prince James Richard Buttons IV of Greenmarch called a meeting of the royal court to settle lingering questions about succession.

Prince James invited the other heads of the kingdom’s most prominent dynasties, including the famed “Five Families” of Evendarr: Bartholomew, Buttons, Endarr, Huntington, and Monay, as well as the houses of Blackstone and Saxony to join the discussion. Several of Evendarr’s dukes are at court as well, giving rise to more than one negotiation in this rare gathering of such powerful attendees.

Rumors from the confidential meetings indicate that King Mykel’s transcendence into Evendarr’s Argent Guardian uncovered confusion on the topic of royal succession. Courtiers cite conflicting instructions as to who holds the throne if there is ever again the absence of a confirmed heir.

King Richard proclaimed that the Dukes of the Realm should compete in a tournament for the crown. Many suggest that without countermand, this order stands for the current princes. Other courtiers cite King Mykel’s proclamation naming Princess Lillian Rotari of Greenmarch (dec.) as heiress to the throne. Some traditionalists argue that laws of inheritance support the claim of their favorite, Prince James Buttons, Palatine to the King and head of one of the Five Families. The influence at court of the Five Families is so strong that any contender from outside their circle is certain to face significant opposition. “My eye is on the prize of a wedding contract between either Prince Gabriel or Prince Derek, and someone in one of the Five Families,” says Blossom Venteen, a professional marriage broker from Dragonaire. “Whoever can arrange that match wins all!”

Prince Derek Blackstone of The Heart is reportedly a strong contender for heir to the throne. Prince Blackstone’s claim dates to year of the realm 80 when Evendarr’s Queen Cllotho married King Hender of the Kingdom of Blackstone. Their marriage contract specifies that, “The title of Count of Blackstone will belong to the Heir to the Kingdom, and a Blackstone will always be named Regent.” In 608, the County of Blackstone expanded to its present status as a duchy, and thus abolished the title Count of Blackstone. King Mykel renewed acknowledgement of the ancient compact when he named Prince Blackstone as Royal Regent last winter. While acting in that capacity, Prince Blackstone created a new County of Blackstone within the Duchy of Evendarr. The Royal Regent then named his reportedly close friend Prince Gabriel Harcourt of Southwatch as both Count of Blackstone, and the current Heir to the Kingdom. King Johann Storm has not revoked that status from Prince Harcourt. The question of confirmation of King Johann’s heir is central to the discussions at the royal court.

Sources indicate that while Prince Harcourt has not yet made any public entreaty to retain his status as heir, neither has he publicly withdrawn from consideration. Rumors abound, however, of documents moving through court, collecting royal and influential seals of support, and many clandestine negotiations and deals.

The king’s confidential secretary suggests that the royal court hopes to make a proclamation on the matter by the end of summer.
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