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Enchanted Painting Stolen
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Wed May 29 2013, 03:16PM
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The following article is posted and republished in various places where your character can access it:

Visitors to the Kitheria School of Art in Ithiel, Kitheria were shocked by the theft of an enchanted painting from a charity auction on 27 April 613. Evendarr’s powerful and elite have gathered in Ithiel to discuss the royal line of succession. King Johann Storm, each of the five Princes of the Realm, several of Evendarr’s dukes, and the heads of Evendarr’s most famous “Five Families” have gathered for the discussions. With so many prominent visitors to the area, the Lorin Art Lovers Society sponsored an elegant gala and auction to benefit the Kitheria School of Art. Mithra Neshaninejad, originally of Myrr and recently of Dar Khabad, presented “Yearning,” the portrait of a sarr male, Ammar Ibn Hasna Eskander Patií, whom many believe is a strong choice to receive noble title within the sarr kingdom. “This depiction is highly controversial,” said Blackstone art critic, Constance Gilrain, “Myrr is a matriarchal society, and many don’t agree with even the suggestion of making nobles out of their males. That makes Eskander both a scoundrel and an idol in the eyes of their people.” An unnamed sarr wizard enchanted the painting, but in an effort to discourage forgery, investigators are withholding the nature of the enchantment pending the portrait’s recovery. During the dinner preceding the auction, thieves managed to pilfer the veiled likeness from the room adjacent to the feast hall. Prince James Richard Buttons IV of Greenmarch, High Lord Magistrate of Evendarr, immediately took charge of the investigation personally. Sir Derek Northridge of the King’s Orchestra detained two dark elves for questioning by Prince James, but authorities later released the suspects. As of this writing, the enchanted painting remains missing.

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