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Empathic Healing; strange question
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Tue Jun 18 2013, 04:14PM
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Empathic Healing
"This spell allows the caster to transfer
one detrimental effect from the target
to the caster. The effects this spell may
transfer to the caster are Disease, Curse,
Paralyze, Silence, Sleep, Taint Blood,
Weakness, Wither Limb, Drain, Drain Life,
Feeblemind, Hallucinoid, Intoxicant,
Nausea, Paralyze, and Vertigo. No effect
not on this list may be transferred using
Empathic Healing. The caster
cannot use spell protectives
or combat abilities like Dodg e
or Phase to negate the effect
upon them. If the effect is
not inflicted upon the caster
because of immunity to
the effect, a formal magic
defense, or a magical item,
then the spell fails. The caster
must take the effect or use
a racial resist for the spell
to succeed. The caster must
begin the duration of the
negative effect they take upon
themselves from the point
they take the effect not when
it was originally cast on the one they
removed it from."

Activating a magic item
The correct process to activate an item is to
use the phrase “Activate” followed by the spell
incant. For example: “Activate With Mystic
Force I Bind You”.
In addition, all the normal rules for casting
apply. You must have your hand free, have
a packet, be conscious, etc. This means
that you cannot activate an item when in a
Web, unconscious, dead, or when tied up.
Activating an item IS NOT a Game Ability as
defined by the core rules, so you CAN use an
item when you cannot otherwise use a Game
Ability or Skill, such as when under the effects
of a Taint Blood spell.

Now that we have quotes from the two sources I am going to reference, let us begin.

Here is an example; and then I will ask my question.

Example: Fighter A has a magic item with Empathic Healing in it. During a fight Fighter A and Scholar B both end up under the effects of Taint Blood. Since activating a magic item is not an IG skill, Fighter A uses the Empathic Healing to transfer the Taint Blood effect from Scholar B to himself, Fighter A. So that Scholar B has access to his skills and can then cure Fighter A.

Now this is an interesting scenario; because of the literal printing of the rules Fighter A is not immune to Taint Blood even though he is already under the effects of it, he would just suffer no additional effect. So this is entirely possible. But given the spirit of the rules and the intent, in my opinion, of the spell this should not be possible.

I am curious.
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Tue Jun 18 2013, 04:36PM
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youre assuming that the spirit of the rules disallows people to be hit with multiple of the same effect.

if i throw 36 taint bloods at one person. they will most definetely be tainted. and ill be out of 36 spells.

because of the "spell stacking rules" you can literally say "got it" to any duplicate of the same spell that hits you (although it wont benefit or detriment you)

so essentially, yes FIGHTER A is allowed to receive as many taint bloods as his heart desires all day long saying "got it"

if the person who invented empathic healing intended for the spell to only work on someone who is ABLE to take the affect and not work for people who ARENT ABLE to take the effect. then it seems to be working as intended. otherwise the wording is improper , only referring to immunities/defenses (things that say no) rather than someone that says got it. regardless of their current condition.
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