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Prince of Northmarch to Tour Evendarr's Duchy of Elysia
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Fri Jun 21 2013, 06:31PM
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The following article is posted and republished in various places where your character can access it:

Evendarr’s Duchy of Elysia will receive a visit from Prince Edmond Corbielle of Northmarch during the 12 July 613 summer market. The Prince will greet the noble courts and common people of Elysia as part of a tour through his principality holdings which consist of the duchies of Elysia, Greyhorn, Ravenholt, Volta, and the mysterious Kincora. Prince Edmond swore his oath of fealty as Prince of Northmarch in March of this year at the royal coronation celebration in Tyrangel.

His Highness succeeds Prince Kevynn Blackfox, who held Northmarch since the death of Princess Andrea Huntington in 594 at the hands of the Black Rose. Princess Andrea bequeathed leadership of the principality to Prince Kevynn of The Heart, who was the last to serve of the original princes named in 593 by King Joseph Saxony, often called “Joseph the Usurper” in formerly rebellious lands in Northmarch. Prince Kevynn later abdicated his position in The Heart to its current holder, Prince Derek Blackstone. Prince Kevynn surprised the royal court at His Majesty’s annual yuletide feast last winter when he petitioned King Mykel for honorable retirement. King Mykel granted the request, and named Kevynn Blackfox as Lord Ambassador to the Continent of Zephyr. Lord Ambassador Blackfox set sail for Zephyr shortly thereafter, and is not expected to return to Avalon until later this fall when his ship, “Windcharm” is scheduled to dock at the Isles D’Hoenig in the Duchy of Sutherland.

The announcement of Prince Edmond Corbielle’s elevation in Northmarch surprised many who expected a member of the Ravenhurst Family to succeed Prince Kevynn Blackfox upon his retirement. Prince Kevynn is widely rumored to be a close friend to the Ravenhursts, and something of an “uncle” to Prince Basil’s children, Prince Roderick of Northmarch, Duchess Vallen of Tyrangel, Duchess Chiyako of Ravenholt, and Prince Basil’s daughter-in-law, Princess Alexa of Northmarch. Prince Kevynn broke with convention when he bestowed the honorary title of prince on Roderick Ravenhurst, and Alexa Rhyanna Capulus during their training for potential succession to the Northmarch crown. The two retain their titles and social status at present. Prince Roderick is said to prepare for an expedition into the mysteries of the Duchy of Kincora. Princess Alexa is currently investigating difficulties with pirates harrying waters outside of Sercia, Ravenholt’s busiest port.

Prince Edmond Corbielle was instrumental in the conviction and capture of the Traitor Ormsby who schemed to seize the Crown of Evendarr this past spring. The Prince personally led a large party of adventurers into the Graveyard of the Four Winds to catch Isabelle Ormsby in the act of Treason. He is said to be a philosophical man, and a strong adherent to the forms of propriety and manners, as is common among older courts of the kingdom such as that of Niman where Prince Edmond was a ducal lord prior to his elevation. The Prince’s aides claim that His Highness is eager to tour Elysia, and meet its noble courts.


Out-of-Game Information:
Evendarr’s Duchy of Elysia is the campaign world of NERO’s Pittsburgh Roleplaying Organization (PRO). Founded in 1992, the Elysia game is one of the oldest continuously running campaigns in NERO, rich with real history developed by its players and visitors over 21 years of gameplay. Prince Corbielle and other royal and notable visitors will be in attendance at PRO’s July 12-14 weekend event. Pre-registration and other event information can be found on PRO’s website at:, or in this post on the General Discussion forum.

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